Docs-as-code Certificate Course: Markdown, Git, Jekyll, and You

Docs-as-code Certificate Course: Markdown, Git, Jekyll, and You


About this course


The Certificate course is designed to help you learn how to apply Docs-as-code process using Jekyll, the static site generator. During the course, you will also learn how to use Markdown and GitHub in a documentation project to create your own website.

At the end of the course, you will be able to independently use Docs-as-code process with Jekyll for the Technical Documentation team.



Slide Ishaan Agarwal
Bengaluru, India

Learnt quite a few things from the docs-as-code course. The instructor was very patient and was able to resolve issues.
Very knowledgeable indeed. I recommend this to ones who are interested.
Slide Gayathri Krishnaswamy
Bengaluru, India

The training was well-organized and Anindita was very patient in answering all our queries.
This course helped me gain overall understanding of Docs-As-Code approach.
Slide Susan Abraham
Kerala, India

Anindita came well prepared and is able to communicate the topics clearly.
The Q&A sessions were also well handled. Overall am happy with the course.
Slide Shrutika Kalgutkar
Mumbai, India

It is a privilege to learn from Anindita. Throughout the course, she explained every little aspect as practically as possible. The best part was how she helped everyone who needed assistance, never once getting impatient.
Slide Surya

The trainer responded to our questions patiently. Anindita's tips have shown that she has tremendous experience in the area.
This course provided a lot of pointers that we can use to get started in the right direction.
Slide Nandini N
Bengaluru, India

She is so humble and knowledgeable. She clarified the doubts even if they are silly. She took the session in an easy to understand manner.
I liked the way session was driven through.
Slide Geetanjali Kenjale
Pune, India

Anindita is an expert in what she taught us in this course and she did very well in passing on some of that knowledge. Good toolkit, questionnaires and overall interaction. Thanks.
Slide Sahiti Reddy
Hyderabad, India

A very patient and detailed in explaining her topics.
Well organized courses.
Slide Sudip Biswas
Kolkata, India

Patient, knowledeable, clear explanation.
Structure is as per industy/TW requirement.
I found the course very useful. It was interesting and helped hone my TW skills.
Slide Prashant A
Bengaluru, India

Fantastic trainer, SME of Technical Writing 🙂
Slide Preeti Malhotra
New Delhi, India

Anindita is very knowledgable, matured, understanding and patient. Her pace is good and she gives a lot of attention, time to understand and reply to students' queries
Slide Karthik Sundararajan
Bengaluru, India

Anindita has extensive knowledge and great attitude towards knowledge sharing. I have nothing but great respect for her service towards Documentation community.


Registration for Next batch will start in June.


Course Detail

  • Batch 7: Registration is Closed
  • Duration: 4 Sessions, 8 hours
  • Dates: TBD
  • Time: TBD

Who should attend?

  • Those who want to learn how to implement Docs-as-code Process to replace conventional modes of Technical documentation process.
  • Leaders or decision makers who want to reduce cost to company and improve technical documentation websites.
  • Documentation teams members who want to control the whole process from Writing Guides to Maintaining documentation website.
  • Those who want to use GitHub for Technical documentation projects.

Key Highlights

  • Our USP: Highly Interactive virtual sessions
  • Practice-based sessions
  • Creating projects during the course
  • Toolkit for future reference
  • Certificate from our registered Institute


Course Overview

Tools used

GitHub, Git bash CLI, Notepad++, Markdown, Liquid, Jekyll

Day 1

During the session:

  • Create a GitHub repo
  • Learn Markdown
  • Create a ReadMe file in Markdown
  • Publish the repo as a website
  • Clone the repo
  • Edit files locally and push changes to GitHub

What you learn: Markdown, Git, GitHub

Day 2

During the session:

  • Add a template to your repo
  • Add variables and includes to your repo
  • More of Markdown

What you learn: Markdown, Jekyll, Liquid

Day 3

During the session:

  • Team work on GitHub
  • Fork someone else’s repo and change their files
  • Raise a pull request
  • Merge a pull request
  • Get the website

What you learn: Markdown, GitHub

Day 4

  • Practise
  • Summary
  • Certificate Exam


About the Instructor

Anindita Basu is a technical writer and completely in love with her profession. She started with writing user manuals, went through a relationship with DITA (it’s complicated), became a firm believer in design models that need none to minimal documentation, and is currently trying to set up an authoring and publishing process at a startup in Bangalore. In her free time, she watches movies, reads books, listens to music, and then goes back to read some more books. Her areas of interest include mythology, etymology, and ancient history.

She has created APIs around the vedas, a web app around the Mahabharat, and a translation app, all of which use Markdown, GitHub, Jekyll, and Liquid to some degree.

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Our course begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what people do, think, say, and feel. In this module, you’ll learn how to keep an open mind while learning.

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