Learning Madcap Flare

Learning Madcap Flare


About this course

The training is designed to help the users gain expertise in MadCap Flare. In this course, spreading across six sessions and 12 hours, you will learn about setting up, authoring, design, migration, and publishing.

Registration for Batch 3 is over. Next batch will be announced soon.


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Samyak Mukherjee
Technical Writer, Hyderabad

The training is exactly in sequence on how we are going to use MadCap flare. The trainer is very knowledgeable and answered all the questions. This is a very nice course to start your journey with MadCap Flare.
Vishnu Chandroth
Technical Writer, Thalassery

The course on Madcap Flare was very much helpful, and the online exercise and the offline tasks helped a lot in understanding the concepts, and gave the required practice. Shrutika as a trainer has really framed the course to build a perfect foundation which has provided enough opportunities to explore more.
Jobi P Joshi
TW, Bengaluru

I like how structured the entire course is. The possibilities of using Mad Cap Flare as an authoring tool could be endless and for a newbie it might be a bit overwhelming at times but the course is designed in such a way that even a first time user can start using the tool from the word go.
Venkat Santosh Kumar Gumma
TW, Bengaluru

Excellent in one word.
Knowledge, patient, knows how to manage the flow of the training
Sankha Mishra
TW, Bengaluru

The training was greatly conducted. The overall objective is definitely met. Shrutika as a trainer, has great knowledge on the subject and she could deliver effectively. I feel it's a must have for those who is going to start career with Flare.
Harsha Ramwani
(Senior TW, Mumbai
As a complete newbie, I had a clean slated mind. And the course gave me a good amount of knowledge to begin with. The course structure was well-laid and thoughtfully implemented.
Raghavendra VG
(Senior TW, Bengaluru)

This courses is just perfect and these are the very good platform to learn tools, knowledge and concepts.
Richa Arora
(Senior TW, Delhi)

The trainer is very nice, informative, soft spoken and answers all.
Thanks TWT for such good courses.


Schedule and Details

  • Dates: TBD
  • Time: 2 hours (All 6 days)
  • Group Interaction: 21 days


  • MadCap Flare installed before the first session. (Mac users must check if they can access after installation)
  • Access to Microsoft Teams to attend the sessions.

Who should attend?

  • All who want to gain expertise in the day-to-day life working with MadCap Flare.
  • First-time users


Key Takeaways

By the end of the course, participants would be able to create a documentation site on their own. The site would consist of:

  • Home Page
  • PDF Downloads Page
  • 2 Guides (HTML & PDF formats)


Key Highlights

  1. HELPLINE available after the sessions for related questions
  2. Practice-based sessions
  3. Creating projects during the course
  4. Toolkit for future reference
  5. Certificate from our registered Institute



  • Fee: TBA
  • TWT Annual Members: Up to 25% discount

How to Register

Registration will open soon for the next batch. Fill Contact Us form to pre-book seat.


Course Overview


Day 1: Overview Day 2: Authoring Day 3: Styling
    • Introduction to MadCap Flare
    • Understanding the UI of Flare
    • Input and Output Types
    • Key Concepts
    Key Terminologies

Environment Setting

    • Create projects using templates
    • Folder structure and walkthrough
    • Explain Skins, ToCs, Targets, Master, Master Pages, Page Layouts, Stylesheets
    Editing / Customizing the Home page
    • Adding topics
    • Structuring using Headings, Lists, Tables
    • Inserting Images and Videos
    • Creating Links and Cross References
    • Topic Preview
    Single sourcing using Snippets, Variable<
    • Manual (Local styles)
    • Using CSS
    • Creating Table Styles
    • Applying styles to the content that was created under Authoring section
    Using Skins to style other site components
Day 4: Structuring & Designing


Creating Master ToC and section-wise ToCs

Day 5: Publishing

  •  HTML5: Using Master Pages to add common sections
  • PDF: Using Page Layouts<
  • Preview updates


Day 6: Additional Concepts

  • Hands-on: Simple Search Filters
  • Intro: Content reviews via Flare
  • Intro: Source Control
  • Demo: Importing other content file types (Use Case: Demo Python scripts)


About the Instructor

Shrutika Kalgutkar

For the past 11 years, Shrutika has been making lives easy one piece of content at a time. She specializes in documenting products from scratch, revamping existing documentation sets, and UX writing.
She enjoys challenges and at her current organization, took it upon herself to migrate the entire documentation set consisting of 4 products to MadCap Flare from scratch. With MadCap Flare, she specializes in setting up doc environments, designing sites, creating styles and templates, and creating content.

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