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06 Sep

1st Virtual Conference for Tech Writers

September 6, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm IST


Registration Fee: Rs 150

Discount for Group registration: Rs 350 for 3 participants

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Schedule of the Conference

  • 9.45-10 AM – Welcome by TWT Host
  • 10-10.45 AM  – Voice First by Subhajit Sengupta
  • 10.50-11.35 AM – IDiot-proofing Instructional Design by Mukta Raut
  • 11-40 AM – 12.25 PM – Docs-as-Code by Pallavi Deshpande and Punit Shrivastava
  • 12.30 – 1.15 PM – Panel Discussion – COVID 19 and Digital Content (Ramesh Aiyyangar, Manoj Gopanappali, Anu Singh, Vishakha Naik
  • 1.15 -1.30 PM Closure by TWT Host

On-the-spot competitions (Prizes for winners)


About the sessions and speakers

Session 1: Voice First by Subhajit Sengupta

About the Speaker
Manager, Content and Communication and Training at Digite Inc. Mumbai
I would like to better known as an eternal learner who thrives on learning something new every day. I love to learn and internalize something that will enrich me and my ecosystem and propel growth and happiness. I also take an interest in storytelling. Be it explaining the concept of fractions to my daughter or developing a Help Chatbot for our products, I take the approach of a storyteller. Want to know what story I am weaving now? Get in touch with me.
About the Session
Do you know that voice and image searches are going to make up at least half of all searches by 2020? Have you realized that the new audio-centric technologies such as Apple’s AirPods, Google Home, and Amazon’s Echo are turning “voice-first” interactions into ubiquitous experiences? If not, then join my session to get a pulse of the Voice industry and how it is rapidly transitioning into a pervasive interaction mode. Also, get some high-level overview of the Voice UX and some of its best practices.


Session 2: IDiot-proofing Instructional Design by Mukta Raut

About the Speaker

Freelancer Instructional Designer
I am a freelance writer and instructional designer. I have been doing both for close to 16 years now. Nearly 11 years were spent in different kinds of jobs and a trail of different projects. Since the last 5 years, I have been my own boss and my own slave.
About the Session
If Technical Writing and Instructional Design (ID) were cousins, they’d be the distant yet polite ones…the sort who would hang out at parties just fine but have a vague idea about what the other does for a living. (“You do manuals, I do storyboards” is a little too simplistic.) Since tech-writing and instructional design have a “same-same but different” vibe going on, we thought we’d chat a little bit about that. The session covers what ID is, where it intersects with tech-writing, and how IDs connect the dots to a larger context when working on their solutions. There will be a fun little activity at the end of the session. (If not fun, it will be painless. In current times, that too is good.)


Session 3: Docs-as-Code by Pallavi Deshpande & Punit Shrivastava

About the Speaker

Pallavi: Senior Technical Writer, OpsRamp (LinkedIn profile)

Punit: Director, Technical Documentation, OpsRamp (LinkedIn Profle)

About the Session

We’ve always had it the other way around. Docs have to meet software requirements, well actually, Product Requirements. But what happens when the software engineering lifecycle meets Documentation?

How does this work? How did we implement at OpsRamp!

An interactive talk-through.


Panel Discussion: COVID 19 and Digital Content

About the Panelists
  • Ramesh Aiyyangar: TW expert and leader with 20+ years of experience and contribution to TW community.
    Ramesh is the Founder of Institute for Technical Communicators of India <ITCI>. ITCI is a forum for technical communications professionals, which completes two years in Sep 2020. He is passionate about technical communication and has enjoyed the excitement and challenges every moment of his 25+ years of core technical communication experience while working with global companies like HCL, IBM, Symantec, Veritas, Capgemini, Allscripts and so on in various roles including leadership positions for more than a decade.
    View Profile at LinkedIn
  • Manoj Gopanapalli: An experienced leader with content business operations and strategy and general management consulting currently associated with Google (ex-Microsoft and ADP)
    View Profile at LinkedIn
  • Dr. Anu Singh: Expert TW professional and a leader, working actively in Digital transformation.
    Dr Anu Singh is a technical communicator who considers herself a work in-progress towards perfection. Anu works in the areas of Digital transformation and Agile, project management, client experiences, and career development for content developers. As a thought leader, she believes that leadership is a very personal approach and is one of the key drivers of empowering people by creating opportunities and building platforms for empowerment with people who are qualified and who you trust so they can be in the center of the action and drive the mission forward. She is currently working for a team of content developers in India and managing information for eCommerce and Shared Product at the global level for one of the business units at Fiserv.
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  • Vishakha Naik: Founder and director of Constellar Consulting Pvt. Ltd and an experienced Instructional Designer and Learning Consultant.
    Along with her team at Constellar Consulting, she provides learning development and consulting services to the corporate L&D teams across the globe. In the past, she has worked as a Technical Writer, Instructional Designer, and Instructional Design Manager for various companies across Pune. Vishakha also conducts trainings for Instructional Designers and many of her students are placed in reputed eLearning and L&D teams.
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Event Details

Date: September 6, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm IST
Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Venue: Virtual Meeting
Organizer Name: Tech Writer’s Tribe
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