Editor’s Note

Editor's Note

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the October 2023 edition of the Tech Writer’s Tribe newsletter, Writing & Beyond—your go-to source for the most up-to-date technical documentation and industry insights. In a world that evolves at the speed of innovation, we understand the critical role that accurate and accessible technical documentation plays in ensuring successful projects and informed decision-making.

Technical documentation often contains vast amounts of information, ranging from user manuals to API reference guides. Taxonomy is highly relevant in today’s technical documentation world due to the need for effective content organization, user-friendly navigation, optimized search, scalability, and adaptability to changing technologies and user expectations.

In this edition, you will find a set of two articles on information architecture and taxonomy to give you an insight into how these two concepts are crucial pillars of good documentation:

As usual, continuing the range of articles to assist you on your technical journey, this edition offers the following:

We are also excited to resume the career conversations series. In the October issue of the newsletter, we are featuring the Technical Documentation Leader, Surbhi Chattkara.

While Tech Writer, Julie Joy is set to amuse you with her story, An unexpected Onam Delight, we continue to publish our regular features, such as What MSTP Says, Around the Globe, and TWT Online Events for your knowledge. 

In addition, we present a sneak peak of how the survey on Release Notes is shaping up. The final report will be shared in the next edition.

As we confront the challenges and embrace the opportunities that await us in the dynamic realm of technology, we extend a warm invitation to our readers. Reach out to us with your feedback, suggestions, or ideas on topics you would like to see covered in the future editions.

Enjoy reading this edition’s content and stay connected for the latest developments in the ever-evolving sphere of technology and documentation.

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