Technical Documentation Tools Workshops: MadCap Flare and FrameMaker


This weekly module contains two workshops, one each on MadCap Flare and Adobe FrameMaker.

This is part of the Technical Documentation Tools Workshops that TWT offers under Technical Writing Fundamentals Certificate Course. This workshops are useful for first-time users of a tool and help the participants get started with using the tool, creating multiple projects, and publishing the outputs.

In other weekly module for tools, we cover Adobe RoboHelp, Oxygen XML Author and Confluence

IMPORTANT!! Those who have registered for Technical Writing Fundamentals course should not register separately for this Module.

  • May 20: MadCap Flare Workshop
  • May 21: Adobe FrameMaker Workshop

Timing: 2.30-5.30 PM IST


Inclusion in the Course

  • Session = 6 hours in 2 days
  • Helpline = Trainers available to help outside the session duration
  • Project activities during the sessions for participants
  • Reference toolkit for future usage
  • Participation Certificate

Who Should Attend!

  1. All who want to get started with MadCap Flare.
  2. All who want to get started with Adobe FrameMaker.


Course Structure

Day 1 (May 20): MadCap Flare Workshop by Shrutika Kalgutkar

In-session project with Workshop: Introduction to MadCap Flare and learning how to use the single-sourcing tool to create a new project and publish in the live practical session.

  1. Introduction
    Introduction to MadCap Flare
    UI Walkthrough
    Input and Output Types
    A few concepts/terminologies
  2. Environment
    Create projects using templates
    Folder structure and walkthrough
    Editing/Customizing the Home page
  3. Authoring
    Adding topics
    Structuring using Headings, Lists, Tables
    Inserting Images and Videos
    Creating Links and Cross References
    Topic previews
  4. Designing

    Creating Master ToC and section-wise ToCs
    HTML5: Using Master Pages to add common sections
    PDF: Using Page Layouts
    Preview changes
  5. Publishing

    Setting up HTML5 and Print Targets
    Building Output
    Previewing Output
    Publishing Output


Day 2 (May 21): Adobe FrameMaker by Raghavendra V

Introduction to Adobe FrameMaker and learn how to use the tool to create a new project and publish in the live practical session.


  • Introduction to Adobe FrameMaker
  • UI Walkthrough
  • Input and Output details


  • Create master pages (Left and right)
  • Create the title page
  • Folder structure and walkthrough
  • Create projects using Master pages


  • Adding topics
  • Structuring using Headings, Lists, and Tables
  • Inserting Images
  • Creating Links and Cross References
  • Topic previews


  • Create TOC and section wise TOC
  • Design the HTML and PDFs


  • Preview the HTML and PDFs
  • Publish the Outputs

About the Trainers

Shrutika Kalgutkar

For the past 11 years, Shrutika has been making lives easy one piece of content at a time. She specializes in documenting products from scratch, revamping existing documentation sets, and UX writing.
She enjoys challenges and at her current organization, took it upon herself to migrate the entire documentation set consisting of 4 products to MadCap Flare from scratch. With MadCap Flare, she specializes in setting up doc environments, designing sites, creating styles and templates, and creating content.

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During his experience of 10+ years as a technical writer, Raghavendra has worked as an individual contributor as well as lead teams working with multiple companies. For example, Oracle. He has written documents from scratch, revamped the existing documentation, and set up the documentation process. During his long stint of using Adobe FrameMaker, apart from creating projects and collaborating with teams, he has also migrated more than 1500 pages from Unstructured to Structured content using DITA in Frame Maker.

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