Technical Documentation Tools Workshops: Oxygen XML Author and Confluence


As part of Technical Documentation Workshops during the Technical Writing Certificate course, TWT also covers the following:

  1. May 13: Oxygen XML Author for DITA XML Project
  2. May 14: Confluence Workshop 

Timing: 2.30-5.30 PM IST

This is part of the Technical Documentation Tools Workshops that TWT offers under Technical Writing Fundamentals Certificate Course. These workshops are useful for first-time users of a tool and help the participants get started with using the tool, creating multiple projects, and publishing the outputs.

In other weekly module for tools, we cover MadCap Flare and FrameMaker.

IMPORTANT!! Those who have registered for Technical Writing Fundamentals course should not register separately for this Module.

DITA Workshop: As more and more companies implement DITA to simplify the development of technical content, the demand for technical communicators with DITA knowledge is growing. This three-hours hands-on-workshop is designed to teach you the basics of DITA.

How to Register

Fee (Includes GST of 18%)

Fee for any two: INR 5000

Fee ONLY for Confluence Workshop – INR 2500 / USD 60

Fee ONLY for Oxygen XML Workshop – INR 3000 / USD 100

To register, use one of the below options



  • 3-hour workshop on DITA
  • 3-hour workshop on Confluence
  • Reference toolkit for future usage
  • Recording for reference (Limited time)
  • Participation certificate

Who Should Attend!

  1. All who want to learn how to create technical documentation projects using DITA+XML tool (Oxygen XML).
  2. All who want to apply for jobs where experience of DITA Fundamentals is required.
  3. All who want to create documentation projects using Confluence.

May 14 Confluence Workshop by Mridula Menon


Explain what is a WIKI and how is it different from a CCMS.


How to create an account and set up Confluence

Parts of a Confluence Page

  • Explain the menu items
  • Explain the add ons
  • Explain the templates


  • Explain the purpose of Space
  • Explain how to set up the Space as an admin


  • Explain what are pages and how to structure them as per IA
  • Explain various tools in pages
  • Explain how to use the macros/add-ons
  • Explain basics of CQL


  • What are labels
  • How to structure labels.
  • Basics of label management

SEO in Confluence

How does SEO work in Confluence


  • How to use templates
  • How to create templates

May 13: DITA Workshop by Amandeep Singh Talwar

  1. Introduction to DITA
  2. DITA Concepts
  3. DITA & XML
  4. Working on DITA Project using DITA Editor

Learning Objectives

After the training, you should be able to

  • demonstrate familiarity and application with the DITA authoring environment
  • develop technical content using DITA authoring elements

Learning Topics

  • Introduction to DITA
  • Content Models and Information Types
  • DITA Map and Bookmap
  • DITA Authoring Elements
  • Graphics
  • Cross-references
  • Reuse
  • Publishing


Ensure that you have installed the tools (that will be shared in the meeting invite) prior to attending the training.

About the Trainers

Amandeep Singh Talwar

Aman Talwar is leading a team at Microchip Technologies, Hyderabad. He has over 15 years of experience in technical communication, which includes writing and managing product and developer documentation for complex software technologies, building and leading global teams, and improving content creation and delivery processes. Before he worked at Xilinx and led a distributed team working on a variety of products and deliverables.

He is actively engaged in several change initiatives, including the transition to DITA and improving the content experience for users. He has a Master’s in Computer Application. He thinks coding is fun, and can often be found writing scripts to take care of drudge work or automate a process.
Connect with Aman at LinkedIn

Mridula Menon

Mridula is working as Senior Manager, Information Development at GreyOrange, Bengaluru. She is building and managing the Knowledge team that is responsible for bridging the gap between our products and its users. We are also committed to doing everything related to technical content that improves the CX.

She has extensive experience in using Confluence to create client-facing documentation sites and content.

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