TWT Conference Contest: Your Moodboard - 3 Pics Contest

As part of the TWT Conference, Tech Writer’s Tribe welcomes you to a unique contest where you can draw your moodboard using three pictures of your choice. Use your creative senses with a mix of minimalism. 

If you haven’t, do register for TWT Conference on March 27.

Guidelines and General Information:

  • One contestant – one submission
  • Three Prizes worth INR 1000, 600 and 400 in the form of vouchers
  • Three-panel committee to decide the winners
  • All submissions will be shared on our website in a separate page with your name on March 27.

Instructions to follow

  • Create your moodboard viz. Your 3 Pics Story
  •  From any of the sources listed, collect three images that best represent how your life has changed during Covid. 
  • Use one of the following sources for the images:
    • Freehand drawing 
    • Personal images 
    • Websites that provide free stock images, like Pixabay, Freepik, or Pexels. 

                Note: Avoid blurry or unclear images. 

  • Design your way into our heart
  •  Click this LINK to download the template to your device. 
    • Fit your images to frame size in the template. 
    • Do not add arrows or special characters to connect your images. 
    • You can use pastel colors to beautify the template background.
  •  In the caption placeholder, add a caption to your story along with your name and email ID.

                            Example: Coronification – John Doe 

  • Export/Save this template in JPEG format and rename the file as John_Doe_3pic

Upload and let Judges do their Job

  • Upload the saved JPEG file in your folder and provide access to
  • Copy the shared folder link.
  • Fill out the Google form ( and add your shared  folder link in the google form (You can remove access to the shared folder after the event)
  • Relax! after a fair assessment, winners will be announced on March 27, 2022. Winners stand a chance to win Rs 1000.

Need Additional Help? Contact Us

Contact the Contest Committee Members.

Committee Members: Ashish Pathak, Thripti Aravind and Alpna Kaushik



Call +91 7337332587 


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