Thank you for a great course. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative course. The course was everything you said it would be, fun but a lot of work. And it was! I enjoyed JSON because they were a lot of fun and easy to understand. . I also liked the assignments that required us to get online. I never expected to learn so much from an online class. I know I could have done better, but in the end I learned that an online class could be as much work or more than a regular class. However, I still enjoyed it very much.
Vignesh T
Technical Writer
Basics of API documentation was taught well with good examples. Pallavi was very engaging throughout the training sessions.
Gayathri Krishnaswam
Technical Writer
She is one of the best trainer I have ever get trained, the way she has given us the training with proper examples will be helping us for sure.
Partho Ganguly
Senior Technical Writer
Pallavi shared good information and many resources on API documentation. Overall, taking up API documentation course from TWT is a very positive experience for me.
Snigdha Alice
Technical Writer
A Good trainer I have met and got trained. It was a great learning experience. TWT is a wonderful learning platform where one can develop skills required for meet his/her career goals
Technical Writer
I would highly recommend to any aspiring candidate who is looking for a head start in API Documentation.
Binoy T V
Senior TW
Excellent trainer and good interactive sessions. Useful course for the beginners for API reference guides.
Srihari Ramanujam
Senior Manager
Trainer has been uniformly good throughout the programme. Patient to answer questions in the session and after the session.
Technical Writer
If you want to get into the API documentation, you should take this course. I did not encounter any problem which is a very good thing. She is an excellent trainer.
Tuncay Kayaoglu
API Writer
Pallavi is a very good trainer, listener and mentor. She tells about all the possible ways to make everyone that all the topics are understandable.
Tanmay Mallick
Program Lead
She is awesome. Well versed with API docs. Well structured syllabus. Looking forward for more courses with Tech tribe.
Sania Ahmed
Technical Writer
The course is well planned and ran me through everything that was required to learn the basics. The trainer is well-versed with the topic and I will recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the basics of API or get into this field as API tech writer.
Suyog Ketkar
Content Designer
Pallavi did a fabulous job as trainer. She has a great knack of simplifying and explaining complex concepts. I would never forget the restaurant and waiter example when I think about APIs 🙂 The API basic course met my expectations. Previously I absolutely had no prior knowledge, but now after this course when I read about API documentation, I have a better understanding. Thank you
Sharada TV
Technical Writing Manager, Mysore
A complex concept feels simple now. This can happen only when the trainer has put blood and sweat in learning the concept and putting it in a structured format for us. It shows the huge amount of effort Pallavi invested in creating the course. I wish I had trainers like Pallavi during my college years.
Shrutika Kalgutkar
Team Lead, Mumbai
Pallavi is soft soften and an expert of this field. Her amazing domain knowledge is commendable. The course provides an overall understanding of the APIs, its testing and the fundamentals which is mandatory for any technical writer. Kudos to the entire team.
Sumit Batra
Lead Technical Writer, New Delhi
"""Pallavi is a great instructor and really patient, helpful in answering the -questions. The sessions were really interactive and fun-filled. I did not feel bored and also the absence of break in one of the sessions didn't matter at all. Thank you Pallavi for helping me in overcoming the fear of code and to move from no knowledge to the beginner level.
Anita Dogra
Sr. Technical Writer, Hyderabad
Pallavi was an absolute delight to interact with. She made the sessions lively and interactive. Not once, I felt bored or distracted. Before starting the course, I was nervous, wondering if I am competent enough to attend the course. Our trainer Pallavi, eased me through the sessions, making the concept easy to understand by keeping it as close to real life examples. By end of session 2, I was semi confident, that I can handle API documentation. 5 session later, I can happily say that I can tackle a basic API Reference document with ease.
Thripti Aravind
Sr. Technical Writer, Chennai
Tech Writer's Tribe has done a splendid job by inculcating the ability in me to learn, understand, and test the API documentation. The strong foundational knowledge provided by the trainer Pallavi Deshpande, during this online course, has given a great kickstart to my career and now I can think of being an API documentation writer,
Khushboo Kumari Kaushal
Sr. Technical Writer, Bengaluru
Thank you for a well put course and for your continual suggestions and arranging for this opportunity of learning API. This really helped overcome my fear of API and am confident to explore and know more and be comfortable writing APIs. Regarding Training, It was a comprehensive summarization of basics within a short period of time- with an able trainer who efficiently dispelled all fearful notions about learning API and helped understand with good relatable examples and was very open to questions, & helped learning basics of API documentation without any strain to brain. Kudos to the team !!
Serena Preethi Kaluvuri
TW, Schaumburg, IL,USA
Pallavi is very interactive, patient. She know what she is talking about and has industry knowledge about API documentation so that helps. The training was well planned. They provided all the necessary help to start working on an API documentation. The trainer is knowledgeable and would love to attend more training with Tech Writers Tribe.
Shivangi Mahajan
TW, Santa Clara, USA
Pallavi is one of the best trainers. She explains concepts so clearly and more importantly, she is very patient with answering questions and clearing your doubts. It comes out clearly that she is very invested in training you and she is so passionate about it.
Srilatha P
TW, Bengaluru
It was a mixed experience, there was learning and alot of other exercise and the understanding was nice.
Abhilash Dutta
TW, Hyderabad
Pallavi is fun, and keeps the mood of the session light. Great initiative and effort. I definitely want to attend the part 2 of this course.
Sukanya Phookan
Sr. Technical Writer, Hyderabad
API Documentation course is really good and myself I feel now I can start Documentation for the API
Samuel Shivaraj
Sr. Technical Writer, Hyderabad