Writing & Beyond

Edition 15 – February 2024

This month’s edition of Writing & Beyond is packed with insights, opportunities, and connections to fuel your writing journey. This month, we delve into the growing importance of community engagement for tech writers, a topic expertly explored by Deepak Ruhil in our Article of the Month.

Sharpen your skills and expand your horizons with the diverse range of articles featured this month. Banurekha Balaji and Nidhi Prashant Augustine guide you on crafting engaging learning experiences, while Saravanan Rajan unlocks the secrets of captivating video editing. For those seeking new avenues, Amitkumar Bachuwar and Sumedh Nene offer valuable insights into writing opportunities within the GRC domain. Read More…

The Importance of Community Engagement for Technical Writers

Deepak Ruhil

Information Developer
Micro Focus

Why technical writers should engage in community activities and provide practical tips on finding time for such endeavors. Read More…

Interesting Readings

AI Corner
Sumedh Nene

Here’s what’s been cooking up in the stew pot of the AI space this past month: a brand-new, cutting-edge release by the AI-behemoth OpenAI, Rabbit’s farewell to apps, and this month’s AI-tool. Read More… 

Writing Opportunities in GRC Domain

Sumedh Nene & Amitkumar Bachuwar

Industries and organizations require writing professionals to document their standards, policies and processes to demonstrate that they are compliant with different certifications and regulatory bodies. Read More… 

Learn How to Make Learning Easier

Banurekha Balaji & Nidhi Prashant Augustine

You learn to acquire new skills for your personal or professional growth. Learning new skills enables you to accomplish your goals in the short- or long-term, whilst delivering the best quality. Read More… 

Unlocking Creativity: A Guide to Video Editing

Saravanan Rajan

This article explores the world of video editing software, discussing its features, benefits, and popular options available on the market. In today’s digital age, video editing software has become an indispensable tool for Read More… 

TWT Events

Double the fun, double the success! Tech Writer’s Tribe started 2024 with two in-person conferences. Here is a summary of what went on in Pune and Ahmedabad during the full-day events. Read More… 

Dive into a vibrant online community brimming with knowledge and connection. TWT’s online events bring you together with diverse individuals through enriching presentations, lively discussions, and a carefully crafted agenda. Read More… 

TWT Synergy

A fun activity intended to tease tech writers with a weekly grammar quiz. We are all set to celebrate the 1st Anniversary. Join the fun in March in our private WhatsApp groups. Read More… 

TWT Initiatives

Tech writing community has its own APP for the first time as Tech Writer’s Tribe launches an App for tech writers of all fields. Read More… 

TWT is actively seeking submissions from potential presenters for our weekend activities. Presenters may include technical writers Read More… 

Elevate your experience with our unbeatable offerings on corporate training, documentation projects, doc migration, and TW hiring. Read More… 

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