Editor’s Note

Editor's Note

Welcome to the Edition 6 Newsletter and flag end of Q3, 2021.

Every time this month arrives, I get reminded of the “Wake me up when September Ends” song by rock band Green Day! Obviously, we don’t want to hibernate too much despite the work pressure and pandemic lifestyle, but then sufficient sleep has become the new norm 🙂

So what’s the buzz in the Content space…Content Marketing, Content Harmonization, Content Optimization, Content Intelligence, Content Strategy, etc. Irrespective of these known flashy words, Content Solutions continues to be the core request from product teams, and not just a question in job interviews. A Content Solution is a constantly evolving challenge that requires time and patience, and is no longer restricted to tools and processes. The deeper you dive, the tougher it gets but the satisfaction that a writer can gain seeing the end result can be immense and worth the effort. Writers (TW/UX/Content) are constantly challenging their status quo and market value by searching for problems, designing effective solutions catering to several stakeholders and customers (can’t satisfy all) thereby pushing
the threshold of a generic “writer” tag.

So, what’s stopping you from creating a September Solution for your company or business and driving new content opportunities!

This month’s newsletter features a well-crafted crossword keeping India’s freedom fighters and our 75th Independence Day in the forefront, a cool writeup by Suyog on why his spouse envies his TW skillset with a twist, the ASCII documentation trend, and a Q&A follow-up video on a recent webinar to tackle TW interviews.

Happy festive season to all Indians. Stay safe & maintain pandemic protocols!

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