Tech Writer's Tribe

Who we are...

A tribe of tech writers serving the IT industry spread across all domains. We are a team of Technical Writers, Information Developers, Content Writers, Instructional Designers, UX Writers, API writers, Proposal Writers, and many other writers contributing to the IT industry.


With a motive to create a common platform for tech writers across the globe, Tech Writer’s Tribe was launched on March 28, 2020 with our first virtual meeting.  

Launched from Hyderabad (India), with consecutive meetings every weekend, we are privileged to be associated with participants and presenters from cities across India. Within the first three months, we saw writers joining hands from Asia, Europe, USA, and Australia.  

What we think...


Sharing knowledge helps people to build a community. We share our knowledge through virtual meetings, webinars, workshops and trainings enabling you to disseminate it accurately and use it wisely.


Caring nurtures positive relationships. We work towards building an environment of empathy and encouragement through networking for city/industry-based information and jobs.


Preparing for your next challenge is part of the fun where our strengths lie. We share innovative ideas and polish skills of individuals so that the dreams fit in a world that is swiftly changing.

What we do...


We create world-class technical documentation specifically catering to your requirements and audience. Also, we create technical content covering a range of topics for website pages and blogs.


We create effective training solutions for your documentation team because we want you to get the most out of your employees. Also, we train tech writers on trending processes and technologies through our customized courses.


We organize weekly meetings for tech writers to learn, share knowledge and network. Also, we conduct highly interactive sessions such as webinars and workshops for skill enhancements which serves as a better learning environment.

Why Tech Writer's Tribe...


We are passionate about your growth. Our passion stems from caring deeply about what we do and being personally invested in and motivated by our mission.


We love what we do.

It is essential for us to meet deadlines and deliver results on time. This makes us more focused and attentive towards your job.

Value for Money

Having and using requisite knowledge, skill, and industry competent capable, we leave you with noc choice but to be to userelaxed, happy and satisfied .

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