TWT DITA Certification Course

Learning DITA using Oxygen XML

oXygen XML Editor is a powerful and robust tool for authoring, editing, and publishing XML documents, including XHTML, TEI, and DocBook.
This workshop will introduce participants to the various features in oXygen, including built-in validation and customized project files, and demonstrate some of the most useful customizable features available in the editor, including custom code templates, author mode stylesheets, and built-in transformation scenarios.

Learning Objectives

In the end, participants should come away from the workshop with a better understanding of the various features in oXygen that can streamline their XML editing workflow.


Who can join?

  • Technical writers who want to learn from basics
  • Experienced Technical writers who want to learn as per current trends
  • Managers who need DITA implementation in documentation projects
  • All who want to gain practical knowledge about DITA implementation in a company implementation

Course Components


  • Information Architecture in DITA
  • DITA Map and submaps
  • Relationship Tables
  • Publishing Output
  • DITA Topic Elements
  • Working with topics
  • Reusing Content
  • Profiling
  • Filtering
  • Reviewing
  • Cross-references
  • Metadata
  • Index Entries
  • Transformation
  • Scenarios

About the Course

Points to Remember

  1. Instructor-led Sessions 
  2. 4 weekends, 16 hours for 8 online sessions
  3. Dates: Sept 16-Oct 8, 2023 
  4. Recordings of all 8 sessions are to be provided
    for a limited period, TWT Annual members can access for a longer duration)
  5. TWT DITA Toolkit as learning material for practice to be provided
  6. Successful Completion certificate to be earned (After earning 70% marks in the exam)

Requirements for the course!

  1. Desktop or Laptop (not mobile) with an Internet connection
  2. Good command of written English
  3. Attention to following instructions during the sessions
  4. Self-motivation to spend ample time on learning
  5. Basic familiarity with Technical Writing


Duration: 28 days
Dates of Sessions: Sept 16-17, 23-24, Sept 30-Oct 1, 7-8, 2023
Time: 10.15 AM-12.15 PM IST

Course Fee

  • Participants in India
    • Individual Fee: INR 13,000 (GST extra)
    • Group of 3 or more: INR 12,800 each (GST extra)
  • Participants outside India
     Individual Fee: USD 250   
  • Discount applicable ONLY on full Individual fee
         – TWT Volunteers:  5%
         – TWT Annual Members: Zulu (25%), Pygmies (15%), Masai (10%)

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Orientation

  • Introduction to DITA
  • Why DITA? Advantages, benefits of using DITA
  • DITA OT and tools
    • Installing DITA OT
    • DITA – pdf plugin & customization
  • DITA topics: information typing
  • DITA elements and adaptive content
  • DITA maps/submaps for context, organization, navigation, and reuse
  • Syntax and Markup
  • Language considerations
  • Graphics and Figures

Module 2: Essential DITA work in oXygen XML Author

  • Using the workspace and navigating
  • Creating and managing topics
  • Editing elements in topics
  • Working with lists and tables, including headers, column settings, and cell merging

Module 3: Essential DITA work 

  • Working with images, including alt text and figures
  • Editing attributes, including multiple attribute values
  • Editing and managing maps and submaps, including managing content from the Map Manager
  • Working with cross-references and relationship tables

Module 4: DITA editing in oXygen XML Author – Part 1

  • Reusing content
  • Working with metadata and index entries, including topic and map metadata, and the relationship between DITA and metadata standards
  • Conditional profiling and filtering
  • Working with projects and folder structures

Module 5: DITA editing in oXygen XML Author – Part II

  • Generating output using transformation scenarios
  • Reviewing and correcting content
  • Searching and replacing
  • Validating and troubleshooting

Module 6: Workshop

  • Working on a project implementing the learning
  • Creating topics
  • Mapping
  • Publishing

Frequently Asked Questions

DITA = Darwin Information Typing Architecture

DITA is a documentation framework or process where topic-based authoring is used.

XML-based tools are used to implement DITA framework in authoring and publishing technical documentation. Oxygen XML is an example of such a tool. Such an authoring is called as DITA-XML authoring.

TWT offers multiple courses and students across the globe get benefitted. TWT API Documentation is also open for students across the globe.

TWT YouTube channel has multiple videos. Please refer to the links.

TWT prefers to keep the course fee as less as possible. Like our other courses, even for DITA full course, the fee is nominal when compared to global rates. Please visit the course pages to view the fees for full course as well as Module-based individual courses too. The page provides details about applicable discounts too.

Yes, apart from making you skilled enough and helping you prepare an outstanding portfolio through the workshop and exam, we offer additional help too. We have Jobs category on Telegram where you can get benefitted from jobs shared for DITA experts.

TWT offers support by email, social media (WhatsApp/Telegram/FB/LinkedIn/Twitter/Instagram) and direct calls too. Feel free to write to our support email ID, connect through social media or else call us directly at +91 7337332587.

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