Learning Markdown – Certificate Course

About this course

Training Name: Workshop on Markdown Authoring + GitHub for technical documentation

Date: March 12, 2022
Time: 2.30-5.30 PM IST

Who can join!

IMPORTANT!! Those who have registered for Technical Writing Fundamentals course should not register separately for this Module.


What will the course cover!

  1. Introduction to Markdown Syntax
      • How it is transforming the Technical Documentation world
      • AsciiDoc vs Markdown
  2. Markdown Editors
  3. How to use Markdown
    • Building Blocks
    • Document Attributes
    • Titles
    • Paragraphs
    • Formatting codes
    • Links
    • Images/Videos
    • Tables
    • Admonitions
    • Table of Content
    • Cheatsheet
  4. Preparing a Guide using Markdown
  5. Using GitHub for Technical Documentation project
  6. Collaboration with team in projects using Markdown
  7. Publishing to multiple formats.

Have Questions!

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About the Trainer

Punit Shrivastava is a technical writer with 18+ years of experience in the field of technical documentation. Being into journalism before picking Technical Communication as profession, he understands the importance of saving time while writing and how writers spend more time on struggling with tools than writing during a project, especially when the deadlines are good enough to drop one dead.

Having used Markdown to develop project documentation and website in his career, he loves to share his on-the-job knowledge to help other technical writers apply the same at work.

Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.
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