Technical Writing Certificate Course

The course prepares you to get skilled in the processes, standards, and tools knowledge required to start the career as a technical writer. The course also helps freshers as well as professional technical writers to face the workplace challenge of working in Agile implementing DDLC. Apart from the most popular and trending authoring tools, the course trains you to think like a technical writer in the IT industry.

Registration for Full course of Batch 11 is closed. 
Registration is open for selected weekend modules only now.


Duration: January 21-March 19, 2023

Want only some modules?

If you are an experienced technical writer who needs to be trained only in selected skills, you can join the weekend modules of Batch 11. Registration is open. Every weekly module has a limit of maximum of 5 or lesser participants.



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Course Name: Technical Writing Fundamentals Certificate Course (Online) Batch 11 (REGISTRATION OPEN)

  • Days of Training: 2 Months
  • Sessions: 9 Weekends, 18 Sessions, 54 hours
  • Dates of Sessions: Jan 21-22, 28-29, Feb 4-5, 11-12, 18-19, 25-26, March 4-5, 11-12, 18-19 
  • Time: 2.30-5.30 PM Indian Standard Time (For all 18 sessions)
  • Placement Assistance FOR FRESHERS
  • Paid internships projects are available for those who finish exam with minimum 70% marks

Previous Batches

Registration for full certificate course reached full capacity and had to be closed days before the first class.

Earlier, 10 Batches completed with full capacity in 2 years. Professionals from other domains have joined the full course and become skilled to grab opportunities as technical writer in the IT industry.

  • Full course: 100+ students completed the course in one year
  • Selected Weekly Modules: 100+ professionals from software documentation industry
  • Students from multiple countries have participated

Who can join!

  • All who have started career but want to switch to Technical Writing.
  • All Technical Writers who want to excel in Technical Writing and Project Delivery.
  • All who want to start career as a Technical Writer.
  • All who have taken a break in career and want to join the IT industry as a Technical Writer

Registration is open to people from all countries.

Takeaway from Course

  • Become an expert in Technical Writing English
  • Learn how to write Concept, Task and Reference Topic
  • Learn how to use DITA process
  • Earn TW Certificate from a popular and registered Training Institute
  • Learn how to understand a product and users like a technical writer
  • Learn Multiple Documentation Tools: MadCap Flare, FrameMaker, Oxygen XML, Confluence, MS-Word, Markdown, GitHub, JIRA
  • Learn about Agile Project Management process


Requirements for participants

Must have a Desktop/laptop during the session.

Course Curriculum

Week 1 (Jan 21-22)

Introduction to Technical Documentation and Technical Writing

  • What is Technical Documentation
  • Industry and Domains using Technical Documentation
  • Key components of Technical Documentation
  • Who is a Technical Writer?
  • Key Skills Required
  • How to be a successful Technical Writer

Style guides and Templates

  • Types of Style Guides: MSTP, Chicago and others
  • Templates: Concept, how to create a template

Week 2 (Jan 28-29)

Technical Writing English: The Key Skill for a TW

  • Grammar
    • Parts of Speech (According to technical documentation requirement)
    • Syntax -(Sentence construction, Voice, Tense, wordiness)
  • American English Standard
  • Plain English

Week 3 (Feb 4-5)

Authoring Processes and Concepts

  • Elements of Document (TOC)
  • Structured
  • Unstructured
  • Minimalism
  • DITA

Authoring Types

  • Modular Writing
  • Topic-based writing
  • Task-based writing
  • Scenario-based writing
  • Feature-based Writing

Documentation Quality Check

  • Quality Measurement 
  • Readability Index
  • Validations

Week 4 (Feb 11-12)

The Guide Saga

Writing guides with global templates:

  • User Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Getting Start Guide
  • Release Notes

Week 5 (Feb 18-19)

Working in Agile with cross-functional Teams

  • Working in Agile with multiple cross-functional teams
  • SDLC and DDLC in Agile
  • Using JIRA
  • Interviewing SMEs
  • Estimating Time and Task

Week 6 (Feb 25-26)

Feb 25: Introduction to DITA (3-hour Workshop) using OXYGEN XML 

  • DITA Concepts
  • Using XML for DITA
  • DITA Output

Feb 26: Confluence Workshop


Week 7 (March 4-5)

Learning Technical Documentation Tools

Mar 4- MadCap Flare Workshop

Mar 5 – FrameMaker (Structured) Workshop


Week 8 (March 11-12): Adobe RoboHelp and Markdown + GitHub

Learn how to create Markdown and AsciiDoc projects and work with GitHub and BitBucket, respectively. Also, learn how to create a portfolio page. The


  • Learn Markdown to author technical documentation
  • Learn how to work with GitHub using Markdown
  • Learn AsciiDoc to author technical documentation
  • Learn how to work with BitBucket using AsciiDoc
  • Create a portfolio page using Jekyll

March 11: Adobe RoboHelp

March 12: Markdown + GitHub (View Course page)

Week 9 (March 18-19)

  • March 18: Creating Video using Camtasia by Yuvaraj R
  • March 19
    • Working with Screenshot and Diagrams
    • Writing for User Interface
    • Preparing for interviews and resume management (Mock Interview)
    • Closure of the Course with Open House and Exam 

About the Instructor

The course will be conducted by 8 instructors led by Punit Shrivastava.

Punit Shrivastava is involved in mentoring and helping technical writing community for a long time. He prefers sharing knowledge and learning with the focus on having a skilled community. He has 20+ years of experience in the field of writing that spreads across writing for English daily, The Asian Age, and 17+ experience in technical documentation.

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