Introduction to Technical Writing


Experience the life of a Technical Writer and understand the key concepts required to become a technical Writer. The session is only for those who want to start career as professional technical writer. It is NOT for those who are in other profession.
The 2-day course module helps you build your understanding about one of the most sough-after profession and start your career as a technical writer. In this module, we will cover some of the basic overview of key requirements for a technical writer.
The course also covers information about Template and Style guides required for Technical Writers.

IMPORTANT!! Those who have registered for Technical Writing Fundamentals course should not register separately for this Module.

DATES: April 8-9, 2023
Time: 2.30-5.30 PM IST (Both days)


Inclusion in the Course

  • Session = 6 hours in 2 days 
  • Helpline = Trainers available to help outside the session duration
  • TWO project activities during the session for participants
  • Reference toolkit for future usage
  • Participation Certificate

Who Should Attend!

  1. All who want to start career as a professional Technical Writer.
  2. All who want to switch career from other profession to technical writer
  3. All who want to develop skills of a technical writer
  4. All who want to understand technical documentation field

Course Structure

Day 1: Curriculum with Live Project

  1. Technical Documentation: The third pillar of a company
  2. Technical Writer: The lucrative profession across the globe
    • Who is a Technical Writer?
    • How is a TW different from other writer?
    • Key skills required to become an accomplished TW
    • Career growth path of a Technical Writer?
  3. Technical Writing English: Simple, Plain and Direct English (Learning with LIVE Practice Session)
    • Technical Writing Grammar, Rules, Sentence Structure
    • Restricted English
    • Plain language
    • Direct English

Day 2: Curriculum with Live Project

  1. Content Modelling
  2. Domains and Types of Technical Documentation
  3. Technical Documentation Guides
  4. Key learning before working on a project
  5. Style: Concept Introduce writing for UI, writing for cloud
    • MSTP
    • Chicago Manual
    • IBM Style Guide
  6. Template:
    • Concept and purpose
    • Examples – CSS, Markdown
  7. Working on a Project: How to create a Quick Reference guide
    • Before starting to document
    • How to write a guide (with example and demo)
    • Reviewing the document
    • Testing and Delivering the document

About the Instructor

Punit Shrivastava is involved in mentoring and helping technical writing community for a long time. He prefers sharing knowledge and learning with the focus on having a skilled community. He has 20+ years of experience in the field of writing that spreads across writing for English daily, The Asian Age, and 18+ experience in technical documentation. 

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