Technical Writing English

The 2-day course module helps you understand how to use Technical Writing English and Plain English.
In this module, we will cover Technical Writing Grammar, Sentence Structure and how to use grammar and sentences for authoring processes.
The module also covers how to use American English and Standard Technical English.
Dates and timings:
April 15-16, 2023 (2.30-5.30 PM IST)

IMPORTANT!! Those who have registered for Technical Writing Fundamentals course should not register separately for this Module.

Inclusion in the Course

  • Session = 6 hours in 2 days
  • Helpline = Trainers available to help outside the session duration
  • TWO project activities during the session for participants
  • Reference toolkit for future usage
  • Participation Certificate

Who Should Attend!

  1. All who want to have expertise in Technical Writing English.
  2. All who keep receiving comments on Technical Writing English Grammar and Sentence Structure.
  3. All who want to learn American English
  4. All who want to learn about Standard Technical English

Course Structure

Day 1: Technical Writing English with Live Project

Technical Writing Grammar

      1. Parts of speech: Noun, Pronoun, verb, conjunction, preposition and others
      2. Syntax: sentence construction, number of words,
      3. Voice of speech: active and Passive
      4. Wordiness (Readability score)
      5. Politically correct sentence
      6. Writing for Accessibility
      7. Writing for UI and Error Messages
      8. Best Practices + examples

Day 2: Technical Writing English Standards

  1. Standard Technical English with examples
  2. American English
  3. British and American English: sentence, spelling and key tips and tricks.

About the Instructors

Punit Shrivastava is involved in mentoring and helping technical writing community for a long time. He prefers sharing knowledge and learning with the focus on having a skilled community. He has 20+ years of experience in the field of writing that spreads across writing for English daily, The Asian Age, and 17+ experience in technical documentation.

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