Fundamentals of API documentation Certificate Course

No understanding of code, no challenge. Join our Fundamentals of API documentation course to start your career as an API documentation writer.


Course Name: Fundamentals of API Documentation Certificate Course (Online) Batch 14

  • Days of Training: 21 days
  • Sessions: 3 Weekends, 6 Sessions, 15 hours
  • Dates of Sessions: Nov 19-20, 26-27, Dec 3-4
  • Time: 10.30 AM-12.45 PM Indian Standard Time (For all 6 sessions)

Takeaway from Course

  • Understand and write code
  • Prepare API documentation based on global templates
  • Learn how to use Postman and Swagger


Earlier, 12 Batches were completed with full capacity in just above 1 years. Professionals from other domains have joined the full course and become skilled to grab opportunities as a technical writer in the IT industry. Batch 13 started from Oct 1. Now the registration for Batch 14 is open.

  • Full course: 280+ students completed the course in one year
  • Students from multiple countries have participated.
  • Some of the students have already started working as API documentation writers now.

How to Register

Registration is open for Batch 14 (November 19-Dec 4, 2022).

Registration Options

You can pick one of the two options to register and make the payment. Based on the option selected, the fee will vary.

Common discount: Discount of 25% / 15% / 10% on total fee for TWT Annual members.

Course Fee

As per the Indian government rule, the fee includes GST of 18%.

Option 1

  • Full Fee: INR 5800 (With 18% GST – no processing charge)
  • Group of 3: INR 5600 each (With 18% GST – no processing charge)
  • Make payment: Use QR Code (for banks in India) and save processing charge. Click to Register.

Option 2

  • Full Fee: INR 6000 (With 18% GST + processing charge)
  • Group of 3: INR 5700 (With 18% GST + processing charge)
  • For Payments using Indian or non-Indian cards. Processing charges apply. CLICK TO MAKE PAYMENT AND REGISTER

Requirements for participants

  • Must have a Desktop/Laptop to work on exercises during the session.
  • Must have POSTMAN downloaded to use for practice during the session.
  • Must have access to Microsoft Teams from Laptop.
  • Must have a GMAIL/Google ID

Course Curriculum

Day 1

What is API? ​


  •  Web services ​
  •  HTTP & HTTPS​
  •  Microservices ​
  •  Webhooks ​
  •  SOAP and REST APIs

Day 2

Introduction to ​

  • JSON​
  • YAML
  • Learning how to write code in JSON

Day 3


  • Authorization & Authentication​
  • Requests ​
  • Resources ​
  • Methods ​
  • Query Parameters​
  • Responses 
  • Creating API document

Day 4

REST APIs (Swagger)​

  • Understanding OpenAPI Specs
  • Testing APIs ​
  • Creating API document 

Day 5

API documentation ​

  • Structure of an API document​
  • Grammar and sentence construction​
  • Best practices
  • Tips and Tricks

Day 6

  • How your API doc website should look like ​
  • Revision
  • Assessments 

Disclaimer! The course curriculum can be modified if required to suit better interest of the participants.

About the Instructor

Pallavi Deshpande is an accomplished Technical Writer with overall 15+ years of experience. Having helped organisations shape their Developer documentation strategy, she holds specialisation in production documentation also. Apart from product and API documentation, she loves to play around Docs-as-code using Hugo. 

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