Edition 11

Significance of Taxonomy in Information Architecture

Ashutosh Ambike

Team Lead Technical Communication


Knowingly or unknowingly, we use taxonomy several times a day. Be it online shopping, ordering food online, booking tickets, or searching for information on the internet.
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Interesting Readings

Significance of Information Architecture in Tech Comm

Sumedh Nene

The author elucidates the concept of Information Architecture through simple examples and analogies, while also emphasizing its significance within the broader context of content strategy.
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Choosing the Right Tool for Effective Documentation

Balaji Jayaraman

Choosing a good tool based on the documentation requirements of your company improves the documentation efforts of the team.
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Multimedia and its Role in the Communications Industry

Ruchira Joshi

With the introduction of AI and its role in the communication industry, it has become more important to develop content that resonates with the users than ever before.
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“Career Conversations” is an iniitiative designed to highlight the achievements and career paths of skilled technical writers. This edition presents: 

Interviewing Doc Leader Surbhi Chattkara
by Shrutika Kalgutkar and Shivani Waikar.
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Insights for Tech Writers

Rules defined by MSTP for technical documentation. Some quick insights about words to avoid in Technical Documentation.
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The AI revolution continued like a juggernaut throughout October. Know why autonomous agents are the next big thing in AI.

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On Oct 20, TWT announced a “Release Notes Global Survey”. Till now, over 250 technical writers participated. 

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Tech Writer’s Tribe online events offer a multitude of benefits, including accessibility, cost-effectiveness, convenience, and adaptability, making them a valuable tool for knowledge sharing, and networking in the digital age.
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TWT Synergy

A fun activity intended to tease tech writers with a weekly grammar quiz.
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An Unexpected Onam Delight – Julie Joy, the Lead Engineer, has crafted a captivating narrative.
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