Multimedia and its Role in the Communications Industry

Multimedia and its Role in the Communications Industry

— Ruchira Joshi

With the introduction of AI and its role in the communication industry, it has become more important to develop content that resonates with the users than ever before. Due to the explosion of information all over the internet and various social media platforms, the landscape is broadened and finding the right audience for your content has become more critical. 

Now-a-days, most readers skim through the voluminous information presented before them to find their relevant content. Therefore, using video and multimedia in content is of paramount importance. As the saying goes,

“Let the pictures tell the story”. Source Unknown

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Engaging Visual Elements
Integrating visual elements directly engages readers’ minds. Educating customers with instructional videos, interactive product demos, and infographics has become an integral part of the content delivery process.

“The human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.” (Source: Unknown)

Unlike the hefty manuals and user guides, multimedia can serve  as a good entry point for novice readers.  It helps break down complex technical concepts into digestible pieces that are easy to understand. It improves the attention span and retention power of users enabling them to  connect with the acquired knowledge and feel more independent in their work.

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Interactive Marketing and Global Reach
The marketing landscape has expanded through interactive presentations. Audience involvement in the product makes it a good business strategy, leading to a broader reach, and ultimately better results. 
Though video content and subtitles need language translations; visual content has the power to reach a global audience.
Video content is helpful for blind person if voiceovers and transcripts are properly made.

Efficiency and Reduced Support Queries
Video content and visual step-by-step guides for products can reduce customer queries, as users can relate to their specific use cases. Through videos, support calls are reduced, and reduces the learning curve for the product. If you are able to strike the right chords, the frustration levels of users are minimized. And the users become proficient in using the application with lesser resolution time. 

Content Alignment and Audience Analysis
Aligning your text with a purpose and creating visuals based on that will definitely enhance the value of the content, improve the brand, and increase global reach. Proper sizes, colors, and images should be chosen to create appropriate content that matches quality standards.

Multimedia presence is seen in various industries such as Education, Business Presentation, Environment, Institutions, Sports, Travel, Retail, E-commerce, and Manufacturing, Aerospace. 

In audio-visual content, stories play a crucial role than just visuals. The reader’s attention span depends on the story and how longer they can connect with the content.

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In addition to content creation, audience analysis is crucial. Therefore, always align your content to cater to the audience’s needs and this requires a good content marketing strategy in place.

Some tips to measure audience interest in your multimedia content are:

  • Metrics
  • Retention rates
  • Subscribers’ response
  • Real-time comments

Accelerated Mobile Page Stories

Another important, and yet new form of visual content called Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) stories, is fast emerging. It is a form of storytelling that is helping brands create easy and engaging reads for users. 

Accelerated mobile page stories are short written text along with images or videos describing the information on a specific topic. They appear on the top of Google search and are written to improve user experience by reducing the load time. These stories are short information snippets to make users stay on the article because of its visually appealing effect and crisp content.

Source: Visual Stories

These layouts of AMP stories are user-friendly and easily scannable. They improve the readability index, reducing search time, and loading speed of the page thus gaining the readers’ interest.

Multimedia in AR/VR
Augmented reality and virtual reality are redefining visual content. Multimedia takes center stage in the changing dynamics of virtual reality technology,  enhancing the user experience for creating a realistic remote environment and augmenting reality. 

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Multimedia is a game-changer if harnessed effectively. In the ever-evolving communication industry, creating stimulating content that resonates with users is a key to success.

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