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Release Notes Survey

Release Notes are a crucial component of technical writing. These are the documents that provide information about changes, updates, and enhancements made to a software application, system, or product. They are essential for both users and the development team. Users rely on them to understand the changes in the software and to troubleshoot issues.

 TWT is conducting a survey to understand how technical writers play a role in generating Release Notes for multiple domains.

Global Survey Report till Oct 22

The “Release Notes Survey” by TWT has been launched with a purpose to understand how effectively Release Notes communicate changes, improvements, or new features to users, and whether users find them helpful or informative.

If you (Individual Contributor or Manager) have on Release Notes, share your experience with us. Please access the link to participate:

The information we collect from the Release Notes Survey can help documentation and product development teams optimize product communication and improve overall user experience.  Together, both teams can work together to create a mechanism for ongoing refinement and ensure that the product aligns with user expectations and regulatory requirements.

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