Career Conversations

Career Conversations

Career Conversations is an initiative that showcases the experiences and career journeys of accomplished technical writers. 

Two key figures behind this effort are Shrutika Kalgutkar from Team Mumbai and Shivani Waikar from Team Pune. In the first half of 2023, three interviews were conducted as part of the Career Conversations series. After a six-month hiatus, the new series resumed on October 7, 2023, featuring an interview with the documentation leader, Surbhi Chattkara.

Interview with Surbhi Chattkara — by Shrutika Kalgutkar and Shivani Waikar

A documentation team achieves success and earns respect when its processes are well-established. Discover the multifaceted role that team leaders play in creating a streamlined process for the team and a delivery model that benefits both customers and the company.

Surbhi Chattkara, the Vice President of Knowledge Management at Odessa, drew from her extensive experience in setting up documentation teams in three different organizations and shared her insights with us. Surbhi’s journey included various roles in content writing before she found her niche in technical writing. She emphasized the stark contrast between building a team from scratch and recruiting for a well-structured team.

In her words: “While it’s a combination of people and processes, the biggest challenge is the mindset change. It takes time for people to realize the value that documentation adds to achieving customer delight.”

Surbhi elaborated on the importance of technical writers possessing an attitude open to experimentation, a genuine passion for their work, and an interest in e-learning. She also shared insights on the differences between flat and hierarchical organizational structures within a technical writing team.

Surbhi Chattkara’s expertise extends beyond technical writing and editing, encompassing substantial experience in information architecture, digital content strategies, program and practice management. The interview featured interactive segments and questions from participants, offering a wealth of valuable insights. 

For those considering a career transition, exploring this comprehensive interview is highly recommended. Your career should enhance your self-esteem, not erode it.

Click here to listen to the complete conversation.

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