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Release Notes Demystified: A Dialogue Between a Technical Writer and a Product Manager

Sridhar Murugan

Senior Technical Writer

In this blog post, dive into a conversation between a technical writer and a product manager to understand the challenges and nuances behind crafting meaningful release notes.

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TWT Communities

TWT presents communities comprising various groups. Individuals inclined towards joining the technical writers’ community are automatically included in all associated groups.


This community is for members to chat in topic-based groups and get important announcements.

For additional information, please contact us at 7337332587.

TWT Events

Tech Writer’s Tribe is starting in 2024 with two offline conferences. Pune will host its 4th conference on Feb 3 at Red Hat. Gujarat will host its first such conference for tech writers from Tech Writer’s Tribe in Ahmedabad on Feb 17.  In the past, we have organised 12 offline conferences in 6 cities.
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Reserve the date and make a note on your calendars for this thrilling online gathering. Join us to connect with individuals who share your interests, enhance your knowledge, and become a valued member of a dynamic community dedicated to the art of technical writing.
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TWT Synergy

Creative Musings

The Creative Musings page highlights the imaginative talents of Tech Writers, demonstrating that there exists a realm beyond technical writing.

    • Click here to see a beautiful Kerala Mural by Mridula Menon.
    • Read here a short story “GEMS” by Jigisha Gandhi.


A fun activity intended to tease tech writers with a weekly grammar quiz.
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TWT Initiatives

Tech writing community has its own APP for the first time as Tech Writer’s Tribe launches an App for tech writers of all fields.
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Unlocking the Power of Premium Services: Elevate your experience with our unbeatable offerings!
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