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#WriteItRight – January

WriteItRight is collaborative tips designed to enhance comprehension of parts of speech, employ accurate punctuation, address grammar errors, and focus on clear and concise writing.

The correct answer is option C.

If an acronym appears only once in your content, just spell out the term. Don’t introduce it in parentheses after the spelled-out version.

Exception: It’s OK to use both the spelled-out term and the acronym if both are needed for SEO, even if the acronym is used only once.

The correct answers are C and D.

Explanation: If you don’t have anything to add in the column, don’t leave a cell blank or use dash to indicate there’s no entry for that cell. Instead, use Not applicable or None.

Exception: Iit is preferred to write whatever information is required to the user.  For example, you can add the description as (Optional) <add required input>

The correct answer is option A.

As per MSTP, use clear and concise sentences.  Use simple words with precise meanings, and remove unnecessary words.

The correct answer is option B.

Caution – Important information that indicates a problem can/might occur if the reader doesn’t pay attention. It mostly highlights the negative implications/repercussions that might occur if the reader does not follow the instructions/caution.

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