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Tech Writer’s Tribe is thrilled to have observed the enthusiastic engagement of the audience, the lively networking sessions, and the overwhelming positive feedback received from the two recent offline conferences. Months of meticulous planning, dedicated efforts, and countless late nights culminated in the successful completion of these conferences. It is truly rewarding to witness the positive impact on the tech writing community, fostering connections, and sharing valuable knowledge.

Here are a few highlights from both of those events:

Maharashtra Regional Conference in Pune: A Gathering of Tech Writers 

On February 3rd, 2024, the Tech Writer’s Tribe (TWT) organized an offline conference at Red Hat, Magarpatta, Pune.

Event Link:

TWT Pune Volunteer Team: Vidhi, Shalaka, Shivani and Sumeet

The conference brought together a diverse mix of passionate doc enthusiasts. Among the attendees were managers, tech and UX writers, IDs, content strategists, and a couple of students. The event was a day full of learning, networking, and sharing experiences. The conference offered various sessions catering to different interests within the technical writing field.

At the beginning of the conference, Punit Srivastava gave a keynote speech about the TWT community. He talked about our mission, values, and initiatives. Furthermore, he introduced the TWT Pune team and explained the team’s approach to operations and networking platforms.

After the keynote, TWT Pune introduced their host: the Red Hat Tech Doc team. During the presentation, the Red Hat team demonstrated their latest products and capabilities, discussed their on-going projects, and provided an overview of their team structure.

Summary of Presentations:

  • Session 1: Practical Approach to Video Creation for Writers
    Saurabh Kar and Sunita Vyas from Digite.AI spoke about integrating video creation into the workflow of technical writers. They collaborated with the marketing team and used tools such as Lumen5, Camtasia, WellSaid Labs, Snagit, AI and ChatGPT to create video scripts. 
  • Session 2: Vaccinate Your Docs Against Bugs
    Apurva Bhide and Ashwin Mehendale from Red Hat spoke about how technical writers use different tool chains to create documentation, ranging from easy-to-use GUI authoring tools to more technical ones.
  • Session 3: Crafting Tomorrow UX – Collaboration Using AI for a Better Tomorrow
    Sharmilee Sarkar from Coditas shared how consciousness, communication, and the rise of AI shape UX writing. 
  • Session 4:  No Manager is an Island
    Kedar Kulkarni from Rocket Software shared his experience and journey with tips in becoming a documentation manager. 
  • Session 5: SEO Demystification

Sohil Koppikar from LogicMonitor covered the importance of SEO, types of search intent, SEO concepts, SEO best practices, and live examples of improving SEO ranking.

  • Quick Byte sessions included:
    • How to create videos by Jaai R Konddhalkar from Aera Technology
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Amol Ketkar from TIBCO
    • Prompt Tuning Vaibhav Bhosale from Dassault Systemes Solutions Lab

In addition to the technical workshops and tool sessions, the TWT Pune conference featured engaging activities such as Geek out and Greet Out, One Word, Endless Tales and provided a platform for open exchange.

The TWT Pune Conference was not only for experienced technical writers looking to enhance their skills and stay current with industry trends, but also for those new to the field. Aspiring writers gained valuable knowledge from the sessions and workshops, allowing them to build a strong foundation for their careers.

Overall, the TWT Pune Conference was a resounding success, providing an enriching and engaging experience for all attendees.

Gujarat Regional Conference in Ahmedabad: A Unique Initiative

his time, the latest update is coming from the TWT Gujarat Group. It organized its first successful offline event on February 17, 2024.
Event Link:
TWT Gujarat Volunteer Team: Ruchi Patel and Suparna Nandani

It is the most discussed event in the TWT community on LinkedIn! Surprisingly, the discussion is from a dry state, which is even drier in the technical writing field, but hold on, TWT Gujarat has a record-breaking participation of 50+ writers, starting from beginners to leaders.

The event started with searching for the venue, finding speakers, making promos, going for dry runs, communicating with people, and much more. TWT Gujarat had the best of the speakers with them, and a keynote speaker was present all the way from France: Renate De La Paix, program director of TCLoc Master’s and CAWEB Master’s at the University of Strasbourg. 

During the first knowledge-sharing session,, Rutesh Dave and Akshay Vyas, a duo from Knovos, discussed about Customer Empathy: Bane or Boon! That was an electrifying performance, which kept the audience engaged throughout the session.

The next session was by the budding young tech writer from Conga, Sanjeevani Agarwal, on Code to Content: The Uncharted Expedition of a Technical Writer’s Journey. Sanjeevani is a natural orator, is very interested in tech writing, and has opted for writing over coding!

Session 3: The Evolution of Technical Writing: Past, Present, and Future was taken up by Chirag Kubavat from FasTrax Infotech Pvt. Ltd. The presentation ended with an electrifying Pushpa: Puspha naam hai toh flower samze ho ka; aise waise writer nahi hai; technical writer hai hum!! The proud technical writer, Chirag Kubavat!

The next session wincluded an engaging workshop. How to Get Most from SMEs by Suyog Ketkar from IBM broke some myths and helped the audience learn some tricks.. In the workshop, the participants got the chance to work in groups to discuss and come to conclusions for the given scenarios! Not only was the session insightful, but the workshop offered tips and techniques to handle the scenarios at the workplace!

The last presentation was on Competition Analysis: A Lesser Explored Combination of Technical and Marketing Communications by Anima Palshikar. The session highlighted strategies of competition analysis, positioning the technical writers in the center, as they are present at every level of product development.

The last session of the event was about the panel discussion, with Chandrark Sangani, Anand Mehta, and Manisha Chhaya. The debate started with the evolving roles of tech writers sharing their years of experience! The debate ended with WFH vs. WFO!!

A successful TWT Gujarat event brought together speakers and participants from leading companies like Knovos, Conga, IBM, Mindarray, Lucent Innovation, and many more! With representatives from 26 diverse organizations, the event fostered collaboration and knowledge sharing.

 TWT Gujarat is grateful to Knovos India Pvt. Ltd. for their sponsorship. Watch the video below to see some highlights from this exciting event!

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