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#WriteItRight – February

WriteItRight is collaborative tips designed to enhance comprehension of parts of speech, employ accurate punctuation, address grammar errors, and focus on clear and concise writing.

The correct answer is option B.

Explanation: Don’t use a slash as a substitute for or. If the UI uses a slash in this way, follow the interface in describing the label, but use or to describe the action in text.

The correct answer is B.

The correct sentence is: The laptop is too large for its case.

Our focus is on its. Apart from that there can be thoughts about the words. Please use as per the rules.

its (without an apostrophe) is a possessive pronoun, like his or her, for nouns that don’t have a defined gender.

In contrast, it’s (with an apostrophe) is the shortened form, or contraction, of it is or it has.

The correct answer is option A.


Explanation: Format parentheses and brackets in the font style of the main text, not of the text in the parentheses or brackets.

The correct answer is option A , B , D.

Explanation:  CTA in a technical newsletter can be in the form of a button, text box, contact form or a link, it directs the reader to take the desired next step and encourages brand enhancement.


CTA is effective only when it has catchy Action words along with strong phrases.

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