Edition 7

Tech Writers - Code Your Way to Coding

Mridula Menon – Global Head of Technical Content/ Senior Manager, Grey Orange

As a new writer when you step into the tech writing world, your goal is to become a wordsmith and write flawless technical documentation. However, you may feel intimidated when you are required to read and comprehend a piece of code. You may have avoided getting into any profile that requires a basic understanding of coding. What you need here is to get comfortable with coding so that you do not feel intimidated because of your lack of knowledge in coding. 

TWT Whitepaper Contest Winning Articles

Theme – Emerging Technologies
Article Heading – Emerging Technologies in Technical Writing: Blessing in Disguise or Otherwise?
Contestant – Anitha Sethumadhava Rao

Theme – Future of Work
Article Heading – Post Pandemic: Trends and
Contestant – Sneha Bhushan

Theme – Digital Transformation
Article Heading – Improving Cyber Security using Zero Trust Architecture
Contestant – Anirban Dasgupta

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