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TWT Presenters’ Zone

Have knowledge to share? Be a Presenter

More than 100 presenters from different cities of India and abroad have shared their knowledge during the weekend online or offline evets hosted by Tech Writer’s Tribe. 

Our presenters range from 6 months of experience to 30+ years of experience, all levels of individual contributors to managers and leaders. 

We don’t judge based on your experience. We respect your knowledge even if you have lesser numbers of experience.
If you want to present but need help, do connect with us for guidance.

All that’s required is your hands-on knowledge on the topic that you want to present.

You can present a topic with real-life examples or take a workshop on processes, tools, and trends related to technical writing, UX Writing, Instructional Desining and Content Writing.

If you’re keen on sharing your knowledge with our community, we encourage you to fill out the presenter’s form with your preferred date and topic without hesitation.

Click here to fill out the Presenter’s Form and nominate yourself.

TWT Trainer’s Zone 

Have expertise in creating unique courses for tech writers? Join us as a paid trainer

We welcome trainers from India and abroad to conduct paid training courses on TWTs platform. We cover courses that help the career growth of technical writers, UX Writers, Instructional Designers and Content Writers.

If you have hands-on experience on a specific subject, get in touch with us.

During Paid Training, trainer’s role

  1. Conduct course as per the mutually agreed schedule.
  2. Share training curriculum and materials with us.
  3. Propose desired fee for the course.
  4. Prepare a Toolkit (Quick Reference document) to be shared with participants for future usage.

Click HERE to fill the form to help us understand your proposal.

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