TWTs Half-Day Conference

Tech Writer’s Tribe is celebrating two years of it’s first event by replacing the regular weekend event with a mini-Conference. We invite you all to register for the half-day conference on March 27, 2022.

The event will have opportunity to:

  • Learn in the four sessions of webinars and workshops
  • Win prizes in Quiz and Contests for attentive participants
  • Participate in PRE-CONFERENCE CONTEST and win upto gift worth INR 1000.

Schedule of the Day

Key Note followed by 4 sessions with contests played during every session. Overall timing: 9.45 AM – 1.30 PM Indian Standard Time (IST).

Time (IST)




9.50-10.05 AM

Key Note

Technical Writers have wings now. Are you ready to fly high!

Punit Shrivastava

10.05-10.50 AM

TW Interviews

How to Succeed in Technical Writing Interviews

Panel Discussion

10.55-11.40 AM


Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for Technical Writers

Arunn Shampath

11.50 AM-12.35 PM


The Science of Storytelling

Harkirtan Kaur Sachdeva

12.40-1.25 PM


Working in Wiki: A use case for end-user documentation

Sara Kamen

About the Sessions and Speakers

Session 1

Learn How to Crack Technical Writing Interviews  

The IT industry is booming with jobs and good salaries for technical writers. There are many technical writers looking for better opportunities. But at the same time there are many IT companies who are unable to fill the vacancies.

Do you wonder what could be the reasons for vacancies not getting filled?

  • Do you want to get some tips from the leaders of technical documentation?
  • Do you have questions that need answers to help you succeed in the job search as a technical writer?

Let the four leaders from different corners of India share their thoughts and answer your questions about what factors could matter in getting a job or a dream job.


Panel Speakers

Mugdha Bapat, Siddharth Aggarwal, Padmaja Gabbita, Mridula Menon


Meet the Panelists

Mugdha Bapat: Information Development Manager at Rocket software, Pune

As a senior manager in Rocket Software, Mugdha leads multiple teams of information developers from around the globe. She has successfully transformed a department of individual contributors into self-reliant, high-performing teams. She plays an instrumental role in migrating to new tool chains and processes and continues to build capacity and efficiency in the Information Development function at Rocket Software.

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Siddharth Aggarwal: Deputy General Manager – Product Documentation at Newgen Software, Noida (NCR)

I am a technical writer and a leader passionate about enhancing the user experience through creating and delivering information in formats and mechanisms that are easily available and searchable. I focus on strengthening skills and developing a high performing team and building a culture of trust and accountability, where celebrating success and having fun are part of daily work routine. In my current role at Newgen Software, I am responsible to deliver documentation for platform and application softwares. Build a developer community and ensure its success to provide easy solutions to our customers and partners.

Padmaja G: Information Engineering Manager, Avaya, Hyderabad

Close to two decades in technical communications in varied roles and domains. Experience in hiring, mentoring, and building high performance technical writing teams. Leading the efforts to improve the deliverables, processes, and other initiatives for the Unified Communications portfolio. Working with the overall content experience leadership team to determine direction and priorities for the team. Coaching and providing professional development for a team of experienced writers.


Mridula Menon: Senior Manager, Information Development at GreyOrange, Bengaluru

am building and managing the Knowledge team that is responsible for bridging the gap between our products and its users. We are also committed to doing everything related to technical content that improves the CX.


Session 2

Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for Documentation by Arunn Shampath

Join Arunn to learn about Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) where he would share his hands-on experience about working with DAP.

Session time: 10.50 AM IST

Key Highlights:

  • Introduction to Digital Adoption Platform
  • How DAP Works
  • Type of Content you can produce using DAP
  • Benefits
  • Use Cases 

Meet the Presenter: Arunn Shampath

With more than seven years of experience as a Technical Writer, Arunn has explored multiple aspects of technical documentation. From starting his career as a Design Engineer to working with Product and Service-based IT companies as a technical writer, at his current workplace Arunn has developed expertise in creating real-time on-screen context-sensitive help using Whatfix, one of the popular tools applied for digital adoption platform.  

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Session 3

Workshop: The Science of Storytelling by Harkirtan Kaur Sachdeva

“Technology is a campfire around which we tell our stories.” Let Harkirtan help you learn the art with this Workshop.

Time: 11.45 AM IST

Key Highlights

  • Introduction to Storytelling
  • Strategies of Storytelling
  • Storytelling and Design Thinking
  • Storytelling in Analytics & Data Science
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Empathetic Storytelling
  • Building Storytelling Prototypes
  • Craft Your Signature Story!

The session will include post-session exercise kit that the participants can use to practice storytelling strategies.


Meet the Presenter: Harkirtan

Extensive experience in the field of technical writing as well as in content and branding strategies. Spearheaded branding initiatives at multiple official events. Also, completed an extended education program “The Winning Edge: Communication Strategies for Leaders” from IIM Ahmedabad in August 2019.

Harkirtan Kaur Sachdeva has more than 12 years of work experience in the I.T. industry, with exposure to software developments, and expertise in technical documentation, branding, and content strategy.

She is currently working as Information Developer-Advanced at Siemens Digital Industries Software, Pune.

She is also an avid technologist. She won Siemens Pune Hackathon in 2018 in which she led the team that devised, developed, and demonstrated a solution using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). She also featured in the Women Leadership Series for Siemens on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2021.

She regularly contributes to multiple content and branding activities at her workplace.

Her strengths include fine organising abilities, effective communication skills, innovative and creative thought process, and a thoroughly professional demeanour.

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Session 4

Working in Wiki: A use case for end-user documentation in wiki by Sara Kamen

This session offers an opportunity to learn about a creative and flexible way to document, deliver, and update end-user documentation, and communicate with subject-matter experts and end users. Join Sara to gain from her expertise on using wiki for documentation.

Session Time: 12.30 PM IST

Key Highlights

  • Considerations
  • Implementation
  • Documenting for end users in a wiki environment
  • Pros and cons

Meet the Presenter: Sara Kamen

Sara has been authoring end-user documentation and supporting writers in wiki for about ten years.

Working as a Lead Information Developer in BMC Software’s branch in northern Israel, she holds over 25 years of experience in technical communication, and has been with BMC for 13 of those years.

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Event Committee: Jui Ogale, Shrutika Kalgutkar, Thripti Aravind, Alpna Kaushik, Anirban Dutta, Rahul Hari

Hosts and Assisting Teams:
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