TWT Pune Offline Conference (July 22, 2023)


Tech Writer’s Tribe invites all tech writers from Pune and nearby areas to attend the third offline conference of Technical Writers organised by TWT Pune Team.

After the first conference (Sept 17, 2022) and the second conference (March 4, 2023), this event is another opportunity for networking and learning for the tech writers from the region.

Let us join hands again and make it a bigger success to yield better benefits for the tech writers of Pune and nearby areas.

About the Conference

The Schedule

The Experts and their Sessions - 1

The Presenter: Arka Sarkar
Current Role: Staff Technical Writer, VMware

The Topic

Words that Wow: Unleashing the power of UX writing for technical writers

About the Session

Discover the art of UX writing, the game-changer for captivating users. Understand the impact of poor design and copy.

Dive into a content-first approach and unleash the synergy between UX and technical writing. Understand a few key principles of UX writing that will enhance your writing expertise.

About the Presenter

A technical writer with over a decade of experience in diverse domains such as aerospace, heavy engineering, networking, and IT. An advocate of minimalism. A UX and technology enthusiast.

Trained in UX writing, I have been actively contributing to UX writing in my current product and for other apps for the last couple of years.

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The Presenter: Rama Shadija
Current Role: Manager – Technical Documentation, Sagitec Solutions.

The Topic

Digital Adoption Platform

About the Session

Digital Adoption is the way forward. The in-app guidance helps to understand how users engage with business applications.

It gives a personalized and simplified onboarding experience to the employees by helping them get started with the application. The high-value features can be demonstrated via the in-app on-demand and is useful to existing as well as new users.

It can have an omnichannel presence in users preferred formats, such as video, PDF, etc.


  • Makes the content creation more automated and intelligent.
  • Increases the product/ application adoption. Reduces training cost, time and effort and is scalable.
  • Makes available the knowledge repositories and can be made accessible within the in-app.
  • Supplements the documentation.


About the Presenter

I have total 13 years of experience in the field of technical writing.

I have grown in experience along with the company’s product growing. Along with managing, for technical documentation, I specialize in editing as well as writing product user manuals, quick start guides and lately leading the digital adoption content.

Music is my passion and I sing spiritual songs over the weekend in my temple. I live in Pune with my Family and feel happy and composed with all the Blessing’s bestowed on me.

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The Presenter: Sumedh Nene
Current Role: Technical Writing Professional with 20+ years of experience

The Topic

Generative AI in Technical Writing – Practical use cases

About the Session

Where (and how) can you use AI in TW:

  • research a new topic
  • create an outline for a new guide
  • rewrite / refine the above outline for…

Limitations of AI in TW

  • What is data hallucination
  • What are the limitations of AI

AI in action

  • Prompt engineering basics
  • Types of prompts
  • The anatomy of a great prompt

Some practical use cases:

  • use case A
  • use case B

About the Presenter

In Tech Comms since 1995 and worked with the likes of Cisco Systems, HP, Philips, Nvidia, TIBCO, Persistent Systems, Deutsche Bank, Levi’s, and as an entrepreneur in the [8blic sector across California (Silicon Valley) India, Singapore, Toronto, and Adelaide. I used to take Technical Writing workshops and have trained over 250 students in India and Canada. I was the Lead Faculty for Certificate course in Technical Communications at George Brown College, Toronto for almost 10 years.

I was a faculty at BITS Pilani, SIMS, Pune Institute of Business Management (PIBM) and conducted Tech Comms workshops for CDAC, MCCIA, Avaya and many others.

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The Experts and their Sessions - 2

The Presenter: Prachi Karnik
Current Role: Technical Writer, GS Lab

The Topic

Discipline with DITA

About the Session

Basic overview of DITA components and how to use single sourcing in DITA.

About the Presenter

I am an Instrumentation Engineer by qualification who has been in tech writing for the past 10 years. I have had a chance to work on different authoring tools such as MadCap Flare, Adobe Structured FrameMaker, and Oxygen in my career.

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The Presenter: Poonam Yadav
Current Role: Senior Technical Writer, Ansys Software.

The Topic

The Chronicles of PyXML

About the Session

  1. Introduction covering transition from Content Marketer to Technical Writer
  2. Process Automation that helped us create a 1000-page PDF in half-a-day’s time.
  3. Conditioning data, developing scripts, modifying as per requirements, and publishing.
  4. Future for us.

About the Presenter

I work as a Senior Technical Writer at Ansys Software. I specialize in problem-solving and root cause analysis. If I’m being coy, I would describe myself as ‘A word wizard who can cast a “spell” over your brand!’

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Group Activity: UX Writing Workshop


As a technical writer, you may not be hearing the term, UX writing for the first time. Considering the growth of UX Writing as a career option, you may have plans to learn and move on.

How about testing yourself with a group activity! Join hands with attendees of the event,  work as a team and solve the puzzle set and judged by UX Writing experts.

Leadership Summit

Multiple Technical Documentation leaders from Mumbai and Pune share the platform to explain how their documentation teams are the X-factor, their challenges, the solutions, and current trends.

The audience can interact with questions.

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