About Tech Writer’s Tribe

TWT in Numbers

145+ Consecutive Weekly Events.

100+ Online events

6 Offline Conferences (2022)

6 Panel and Group Discussion

2 Virtual Conferences of half-day

8000+ participants in multiple events

1100+ Students certified 

13,000+ global network of professionals

80+ presenters for multiple events

40+ Volunteers working together

100+ cities of India

5 Cities (Offline Conferences)

8 Regional groups in India

5 Continents (Participants)

15 Countries (Presenters)

TWT Initiatives for Tech Writers

Mentor-Mentee: Helping each other within community by providing guidance about professional questions.

Education Committee: Group to spread awareness about Tech Writing as a profession.

Education Committee: Group to educate tech writers about required skills and trends at all levels of professions.

Creating Awareness: Group to spread awareness about Tech Writing as a profession.

About TWT

Tech Writer’s Tribe (TWT) is a global platform for the continuous development of technical documentation. Technical communicators (technical writers, information developers, API documentation writers, UX Writers, technical content writers, technical editors) grow together by helping each other by sharing knowledge through online and offline events.

Established as a company in India in 2020, with headquarters at Hyderabad, TWTs motto is care, share, prepare. TWTs goal is to create a skilled and organised community of tech writers, who can act as the deserving third pillar for companies.  

TWT Community

With 40+ volunteers spread across India and 13,500 followers spread in all the continents, TWT has been organising knowledge-sharing online and offline events for 145+ consecutive weekends (Till January 2023). 

Continuing the efforts, multiple weekend events have been planned for 2023. While more than 8000 participants from 46 countries have benefited so far from the free online webinars, workshops and offline Conferences at different cities of India, TWT Certificate courses have helped 1000+ participants in a short span.


We are glad to be associated with Tech Writers (Leaders and Individual Contributors), representing multiple MNCs and start-ups, who contribute to the development of the technical writing community under the umbrella of TWT. 

Our sincere gratitude to the Sponsors and multiple Companies for joining hands with TWT in multiple ways to build a stronger technical documentation community.

What lies ahead!

In 2022, TWT Teams of tech writers have organised multiple offline conferences at Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune, NCR and Chennai. The efforts of volunteer teams to help the community through offline and online events continues uninterrupted in 2023. 

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