The TWT Challenge : Grey matter matters!

Brainy Bits



3. Games

6. Player

8. Order

9. Random

10. Tool               

14. Avid

15. Madcap


21. Urgency



1. Authorize

2. Accurate

3. Glee

5. Myriad

11. Pest

13. Moved

20. Line

17. Graffiti

18. Adaptable

19. Cape




3.Fun, overall health to global harmony; benefits are many (5)
6.A sought-after quality, a team ____ (6)
8.A noun or a verb, use any form to straighten out (5)
9.Kidnap, run for a sum (6)
10.A well fabricated equipment to carry out a task (4)
14.With a vigorous pursuit to do something (4)
15.Madness of a head garment but no flare (6)
16.Prepare as many as possible before finalizing (5)
21.A situation requiring swift action (7)
22.TWT’s famous saga (5)


1. No need to write but permit or allow (9)
2.The correctness of a writing (8)
3.Glad enough to flee (4)
5.May be difficult to choose if the possibilities are…. (6)
11.A villain in a farmer’s life (4)
13.Unable to find what you are searching for, because it may be (5)
A geometrical entity, we place it under our keywords (4)
18.A trait to survive transitions (9)
A graphic uproar of an artist in public places (8)
19.Needed to complete the attire of an English king (4)

QUIZ - Chew a Slice of This Brainy Bit!
  1. What is an authoritative and persuasive technical report that showcases the problem and solution of a product or service?
  2. Which document format is used to send notes or remind another person of a piece of communication or decision?
  3. Liz stayed an actress. What is the predicate noun here?
  4. Which document is used to sell and introduce a product/service using 6-8 panel fold-outs
  5. Graphical technique depicting a process and order of steps is known as.
  6. As per English Grammar, a statement, “There are five mangoes that are to be presented on lunch.” is an example of
  7. Which one of these famous writers was once a Technical Writer?
    (Amy Tan, Kurt Vonnegut, Normal Mailer, Thomas Pynchon)
  8. What type of writing generates interest and persuades a reader to buy a product or service?
  9. It is recommended that you use ______ type font for headers and titles.
  10. An free open-source office program that is just as good as Microsoft Office.
  11. There are a number of forms including adjectives, nouns and other verbs that combine with keywords to form business expressions. For example, Key in your PIN at the ATM and you can make a deposit. What is this called?

1. Whitepaper

2. Memo

3. Actress

4. Brochure

5. Flowchart

6. Expletive pattern

7. Kurt Vonnegut

8. Copywrting

9. Non-Serif

10. Open Office (Windows) / Neo Office (Mac)

11. Business Collocation

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