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Crossword - Independence Day Special


2. Bismil
3. Deshbandhu
4. Shaheed
5. Frontier
15. Kesari 
16. Maulana
17. Man of peace
18. Pandit
19. Ashfaqullah
20. Rani Lakshmibai


1. Azad
6. Netaji
7. Sardar
8. Rajaji
9. Tilak
10. Bengal Tiger
11. Gurudev
12. Mahatma
13. Babasaheb
14. Lokamanya



2. He executed a meticulous plan to loot the British Government treasury being transported in a train at Kakori (6)

3. Friend of the nation, Chittaranjan Das (10)

4. Popular name given to Bhagat Singh, ______-e-Azam (7)

5. Abdul Ghaffar Khan, also called as _____ Gandhi (8)

15. The leader who coined the slogan “Simon, Go Back” fondly known as Punjab _____ (6)

16. Name as long as four words, the last name means freedom, this is the first name (7)

17. English title to this freedom fighter, a television show was about him called Maati ke lal (10)

18. Title given to the first Prime Minister of India (7)

19. First name of the partner of answer (2) if you got it right, his words “Khelenge khoon ki holi gar vatan mushkil mein hai” (11)

20. No matter the gender, but equally furious (14)


1. He named himself “free” (4)

6.Give me blood and I shall give you freedom” slogan coined by (6)

7. Architect of India’s freedom struggle, the world’s tallest statue of unity was built in his name (6)

8. India’s last Governor-General and first viceroy, fondly known as (7)

9. Surname of one of the Lal Bal Pal trio, mark worn on forehead (5)

10. Jatindranath Mukherjee, a.k.a, Bagh (Tiger) in Hindi from his hometown, in south Kolkata (11)

11. The prestigious Indian National Anthem written by this Nobel prize winner, his nickname is (7)

12. He developed his political views, ethics during his stay of 21 years in South Africa. (7)

13. He was an economist, professor, and lawyer who had a major contribution in drafting India’s Constitution (9)

14. Title given to Tilak (8)

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