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Minal Agshe has 7 years of experience in IT industry in developing various types of content like core technical writing and developing e-learning content material, software simulation videos, Mediawiki documentation. Currently, she is working with HCL Technologies as a communication specialist. Her hobbies includes drawing and painting.

Do Your Bit!

The day has dawned, brought in the new light,
You wish that everything just goes right,
You fight to read the newspaper,
Along with the coffee, you read further,
You read the news in a rush,
Sure, the news is fresh,
Murder, looting, shooting, and, cheating,
Needs no further reading!
Then, you switch on the Television,
Which has all the goriest vision,
The whole world is affected by crime,
And Women are part of this game,
Burning, raping, and the female infanticide,
A girl child must learn a new defense,
Is crime, the order of the day?
We, the citizens need to find a way,
Let us join hands to fight it out,
As Police and Law alone cannot,
Every child has a responsibility,
Teach them the fruits of morality,
If everyone could help out in a little way,
A ‘Crimeless Society” is here to stay.

Longing to Belong

Days have gone by,
Months to have passed,
New year has come again,
Still, thinking of you,
Living only on hopes,
Won’t we be together?
Continue where we left,
Wouldn’t you tell me,
You feel the same,
That yesterdays were sweet,
You cherish them too,
Today, a passing phase,
Tomorrow’s are for us,
You were waiting too,
Only longing to belong,
If that is not so,
Do not tell me now,
I was only dreaming,
Then I request you,
Do not wake me up!

About the Poetess

Geetha Krishnan is a Technology and Business savvy Management professional, with 15 years of experience with strong leadership qualities and managing teams. Her versatile experience includes Development, Software Testing, Technical Writing, and Quality Assurance in various domains. She loves drawing cartoons and rongolis, pencil sketching, painting clay pots and T-shirts, stitching, playing veena (an Indian musical instrument), writing, yoga, and dabbling in Mandala and Worli art.

The Journey of Love!

Say Something

Say something before it’s too late…
Say something before you lose your mate…
Say something to let the words out…
Say something before time’s out…
Say something to release your fear…
Say something, just something my dear…
Say something for always love does not meet the eyes…
Say something, it need not be wise…
Say something for it’s all one wants to hear…
Say something for the sake of love my dear!
Say something to keep  life going…
Say something before the words are dying…
Say, oh please! Say something….

About the Poetess

Nupur Pattnaik is a Technical writer and PSM 1 certified. She is experienced in documenting user stories, creating journey maps, defining user persona, and organize events. She is passionate about learning new skills and exploring innovative ideas that are fun, creative, and valuable. In her spare time, she loves writing poems and painting.

  • Ramesh Babu
    Posted at 20:36h, 14 July Reply

    Longing to Belong – Very Nice one Geetha ..

    • GK
      Posted at 22:14h, 11 September Reply

      Thank you Ramesh

  • Shashi Rajkumar
    Posted at 13:27h, 28 July Reply

    Nice one Geeta

    • GK
      Posted at 22:15h, 11 September Reply

      Thank you Shashi

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