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On the Waterfront

Shimmering pearls in the afternoon sun

Speak with me through the sunlight;
I welcome them with my heart
My soul reaching out for the warmth.

A kite swoops in for a farsighted meal,
Wings steady in the springtime breeze.
Fishing boats stand in line,
Casting shadows on the bay.

The trees stand tall and slender,
Extending their handshake to the sky;
Epitome of strength and stability,
Leaves fluttering happily.

My eyes search the blue firmament
With a belonging long forgotten,
As the God of small things
Fills me up with the eternal rhythm.

About the Poetess

Shubhadeepa Das, a Technical Writer with 15 years of experience, based in Kolkata, is an avid reader and often finds herself lost in the world created by the author; books being her best friends. She loves to listen, observe, engage and share ideas with fellow humans. People are her best teachers. She writes to communicate and express herself, which soothes her; the pen and keyboard being her best outlet. Connect with her on LinkedIn.



There was a man who wanted to climb the mountain
Though he knew the path is laden with dangers uncertain
That didn’t deter him though from aiming high
He was shooting for the stars and wanted to touch the sky
And, the day soon arrived and he started to climb
Forgetting the past and leaving failures behind
Every step forward filled his heart with pride
There were rocks and thorns;
He surpassed them with long strides
With time passing by, he started feeling tired
He was feeling hungry and his mouth a bit dry
He gave himself a break and started on the quest again
As he knew that his efforts will not go in vain
His efforts bore fruit and he was at the peak
There was a sense of wonder in his heart
And his soul didn’t speak
Finally, he tasted the success that he always dreamed of
Teaching us a lesson that
Come what may, we should not back off.


About the Poet

Sudheendra Fadnis is a Technical Writer in Hyderabad. He is a voracious reader of non-fiction books and also dabbles occasionally in poetry. The philosophy of Ubermensch by Friedrich Nietzsche inspires him to be at his best in whatever he does. He aspires to make his name in the world of writers in the near future. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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