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– Maya Agnihotri

Technical writers no longer depend heavily on words alone to deliver their message across but are making good use of audio and video, infographics, illustrations, screen-captures, graphics, and animation via modern tools and interactive technologies available in the market.

Writing and communication is not only about scrupulous writing and editing, but being the most important part of the complete cycle of designing the output from start to finish. Key considerations are keeping simple, maintaining consistency in terms of words, terminology, fonts, grammar, format, style etc. throughout the document. They design the entire document structure, write, edit, and format documents so their responsibilities often go beyond just writing.

The article is aimed to assist writers across various sectors and industry domains, to understand the roles, software and skillsets, and typical challenges per role in the IT industry.

Technical writers work in diverse domains depending on their depth of experience and interest. These domains can be broadly categorized into two types. Though technical writing isn’t just limited to the below mentioned categories.

  • Technical
    • IT, Software, Hardware, Networking, Engineering, Telecommunications, Aeronautics, Education and Training, Publishing, Security, Research, Robotics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Bio-Technology.
    • Aviation, Banking & Financial services, Consulting, Defence, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Marketing, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Sales, Transportation
  • Non Technical
    Academic Writing, Business Writing, Grant Writing, Resume Writing, Story Writing, Script Writing
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Good luck to those who have made a decision to enter the field of Technical writing or any content related field listed above!

About the Author

Maya Agnihotri is a freelance technical writer with 12+ years of experience in a variety of IT domains like Infrastructure, Education, Telecom, Mortgage, Health, Travel and Mobility. She has explored different aspects of a writer such as technical writing, website content development, proposal writing and the list goes on. Contact her on LinkedIn.

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