Edition 2

Edition 2 : January 2021

Following are the articles and many more published in the second edition of Tech Writer’s Tribe Newsletter:

Ravi Dhumane shows you how to use  domain knowledge to make your writing hit the bull’s eye.

Nandini Sridharan discusses  the wonders of Readability Metrics in defogging prose.

Romi Ganguly’s seven steps formula will enable you to juggle  work load in office with ease.

Mridula Menon provides you with a SWOT analysis to transform yourself into a winner.

Andre‘s expert advice will enable you to build parts catalogue easily and get due recognition.

Sunita Vyas gives a clear insight into what it means to be a technical writer.

Creative Musings page showcases the creative skills of the TW and proves that there is life beyond technical writing. Explore more…

Read Brainy Bits to know about theme-based FAQs and try your hand at the Quiz to know your Technical Writing quotient. Explore more…

Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride. Welcome aboard the new series of Travel Diaries in TWT Newsletter! Explore more…

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