Editor’s Note

Editor's Note

Hello and welcome to the Newsletter Edition # 5

As promised in the previous edition, we decided to spice up the newsletter with something new. So, here goes our first “Interview with Industry Leaders” section where you will get a peek into TW leader’s thought process and POV across several interesting questions. Read and gain from their experience! J

The TW job market is noticing a BOOM time in terms of demand across several industries, which is an extremely positive and encouraging sign. Keep your eyes and ears tuned and set the appropriate alerts. But more importantly, read the Job Description carefully, assess your skillset match and if it satisfies your career growth before applying…DON’T APPLY BLINDLY!


Request to Article Contributors: Back to the newsletter, we have been observing that some of the entries submitted are a repeat from your personal blogs or plagiarized. We are very strict about this and would highly appreciate that if you are planning to submit an article, read the guidelines thoroughly in the form and submit fresh content! 

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