Editor’s Note

Editor's Note

Hello and welcome to the 4th edition of the newsletter,

As India entered the 2nd quarter on an extremely shocking and unprecedented COVID surge, the darkest scenes witnessed in the history of our country’s medical infrastructure was the lack of oxygen. The loved ones lost in a flash may never return but thankfully humanity rose again and came together locally and globally. As the saying goes, “A Friend in Need is a Friend indeed”. Hopefully, India will win this war again with the strongest mind and hearts!

On behalf of our small tribe of writers, a big Thank You once again to all the healthcare staff and frontline workers putting their life on the line to try and save every life!

Moving on, the Newsletter Team brings in 4 fresh volunteers besides the old warhorses. Welcome Priti Mungole, Afshan Shaik, Mridula Pradhan, and Mohan Raghuram to the team!

We are looking forward to exciting articles from all across a wide spectrum of related writing domains, and also having plans to open our wings beyond non-writing topics that you are passionate about. Podcasts, Video Tutorials, and Interviews with Experts may soon follow as we grow. More the Quantity and Quality, who knows the Bi-Monthly newsletter could become a Monthly Newsletter !

We welcome any form of suggestions to improve and take the Newsletter to the next level. Inform your friends, colleagues and community who wish to contribute to make a difference. Spread the Word ☺

Stay Safe at Home, Wear the appropriate Mask, Sanitize regularly, you know the Hygiene SOP Drill

Action speaks Louder than Words!

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