Error Messages

Does error message hold much importance on product user interface? What is its importance? Error messages as the name suggest pop-up when the user encounters an issue while performing a task on the product. As long as the user is not just whiling away time on a product, the error message holds key to his business activity at that moment and if using a product trial version the error message often is the determining factor in winning or losing a potential customer.

  • Key to Business Growth
  • Turns lead to customer

Messages: Error, Info, Warning!

Info or Information messages only represent an information where no user action is required.

Warning is a message to suggest user about what not to do or beware of.

Error on the other hand only informs that the user ran into trouble due to some action. Now, user needs to resolve in order to proceed.

What is the way out! Quit, Fight or Get Help?

Landing on an error lets one think how to resolve. If immediate help is available, the user has a smooth passage. Otherwise, one may use personal skills to fight on own and if not resolved Quit.

Remember Not only Quit that action, but Quit Product too.

What is the solution!

The user’s further interest depends on help one gets. Calling Customer Support, writing emails to account managers are some of the available options. But, getting a solution right there is the best. That is what an error message could be – the life saviour of the Company and the best friend of a user.

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  • Debra
    Posted at 08:47h, 29 April Reply

    Error message is a requirement and we can’t avoid.

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