Career Conversations

Career Conversations

Career Conversations is an initiative where experienced technical writers come forward to share their journey and career growth.

TWT Mumbai team commenced the initiative in February, 2023. The first season of this series covered Career Transition and Career Progression for Technical Writers. Among the three episodes of this season, the second episode was an interview with the Senior Knowledge Management Specialist, Enakshi Banerjee from, Netherlands.

Mar 11 — Interview with Enakshi Banerjee — by Shrutika Kalgutkar

In this interactive and entrancing conversation, Enakshi talked about her transition journey from Technical Writing to Knowledge Management. 

In a very comprehensible manner, she discussed what Knowledge Management is and how it works as an option for technical writers looking for a career transition. She shared her own steep learning curve and explained how Knowledge Management works on Knowledge Centric Services (KCS) as an operational part of a business.

Enakshi articulated that KCS is a customer-based, user-centric, incident-managed, and fast-evolving dynamic environment, where knowledge is used to serve the audience, both internal and external. A technical writer with a dynamic personality and skills, such as stakeholder management, data-driven thinking may consider Knowledge Management as a career.

In conclusion, the interview with Enakshi enlightened us on the fact that one should carefully consider one’s own motivations and goals before pursuing a career change. The thought of changing careers can be thrilling yet frightening. However, if your faith leads the way, your never-give-up attitude sweeps all the hurdles, and your potential guides you through, you will certainly achieve what you are now dreaming of.

“Remember, your output is not a work of art; it’s a work product designed to help the customer – whoever the customer is.”
- Krista Van Laan, The Insider's Guide to Technical Writing
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