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Editor's Note & Role of Technical Documentation in Advancing Funded Startups

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Tech Writer’s Tribe continues its Newsletter journey by introducing the July 2023 Edition. This edition of the newsletter has been curated by an experienced team of dedicated writers.

In this issue, we are extremely happy to announce Tech Writer’s Tribe App. The first of its kind apps in the world with feed based on category, sort as per category questions and answer too, and every action results in points. We are thrilled to share highlights of the conference hosted by Broadcom and Tech Writer’s Tribe (TWT) in Hyderabad on June 10, 2023. We have also included two more articles from the White Paper Contest, and an article on the Document Review Lifecycle by industry expert Sumedh Nene.

This edition presents the discussion on the Top Three Challenges as a Technical Writer.

Moving forward, I would like to share how technical writing is helping the growth of startups. Startup businesses are flourishing in India. In February 2023, Union Minister Anurag Thakur said, “India ranks third in the world ‘startup’ ecosystem.” Startups are expected to contribute 5% to the GDP of India in the next 5 years.

Some people believe in “following the path,” while others want to “lead the way.” The latter create their own initiatives through startups. They shape their dreams with new ideas and energy, making others believe in something beyond the traditional business model.

Startups undoubtedly have high risks, but this does not stop entrepreneurs from starting something new. As said by Dhirubhai Ambani, “For those who dare to dream, there is a whole world to win.” Unless you take risks, you won’t be able to gain anything.

All business ventures have a strategic intent that is carried out in a systematic way. Creating technical documentation is one part of that. Technical writers help startups scale by creating effective documentation. The main purpose of technical documentation is to communicate the design, process, and functionality of an organisation’s product to prospective investors and customers. It is also used by internal stakeholders to keep track of the software development lifecycle.

Externally, technical documentation offers insights into how the system works so that investors get an idea of the benefits that a product or service provides, and whether it is lucrative for them to invest in it. Technical documentation improves customer education and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Moreover, startup documentation helps in attracting funds from external sources.

A huge thank you to all the people who contributed in writing, editing, and designing without whom there wouldn’t have been this newsletter issue. Tech Writer’s Tribe seeks contributions from all members of the community in various domains. Have a question or an idea for an article?  Please let us know!  Stay tuned with us.

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“Make difference with the uniformity; make uniformity the difference.”
- Suyog Ketkar, The Write Stride
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