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TWT Offline Conference - Hyderabad

“The X factors that are… and will be!”

We are thrilled to share highlights of the conference hosted by Broadcom and Tech Writers Tribe (TWT) in Hyderabad on June 10, 2023. Despite the scorching June heat in India, the conference witnessed an overwhelming participation of 100+ attendees!

The conference was a melting pot of knowledge and insights, offering technical writers an opportunity to enhance their skills and learn about the latest trends in the industry. The sessions covered a wide range of topics, ensuring that attendees were hooked until the end.

The conference kicked off with an informative demonstration on Release Notes Automation. This session emphasized the importance of automating the release notes process, saving time and effort for technical authors. The in-depth session garnered much praise from the audience.

The next session focused on value addition for technical writers. It explored ways technical writers can go beyond traditional roles and add value to their organizations. In addition to learning how to think out of the box and find new ways to contribute to their teams, the attendees loved the witty punches of wisdom rendered by our speaker.

We also had a comprehensive session on Oxygen XML demonstrating effective content creation and management. Well, we did feel a lot of fresh oxygen inhalation by knowing the powerful authoring capabilities of Oxygen XML.

Information architecture, an essential aspect of technical writing, was covered extensively in another session. Attendees learned how to effectively organize and structure information, ensuring user-friendly and intuitive documentation. The quiz at the end ensured that everyone understood the key concepts.

The next session went beyond technical writing and focused on achieving work-life balance using a work journal. The audience learned how a work journal helps track progress, identify areas for improvement, and showcase achievements. The session emphasized the benefits of this often overlooked practice.

Managing work through JIRA was another major topic of discussion during the conference. The session reflected on utilizing this project management tool and how it can be used to streamline their workflow and collaborate effectively with other teams.

One of the most interactive sessions revolved around meeting customer needs, emphasizing the importance of understanding clients’ perspectives and tailoring documentation accordingly. Attendees could relate a lot to the topic and gained insights into delivering the right information at the right time to enhance the overall user experience.

Aside from the networking breaks in between sessions, the participants had some gala time during the UX writing workshop, where they collaboratively solved questions related to UX writing. Every team emerged as a winner, and guess what? – They got some surprise goodies from our “Santa” a.k.a the UX writing expert. 

One of the most awaited parts of the conference was the leadership summit, where experts from the tech writing industry shared a wealth of treasured insights and life experiences. That was a pure gem, to say the least! 

Overall, we had an informative, motivating, and energizing conference for the participants!

We heartily thank the speakers and the leaders for sharing their knowledge and experience. We are also grateful to Broadcom for providing the venue and relentless support throughout the day.

Undoubtedly, the knowledge gained through this conference will empower technical writers to excel in their roles and contribute to their organizations’ growth. Stay tuned for more upcoming events and conferences that promise to deliver immense value to technical writing industry professionals.

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