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AI Corner

— Sumedh Nene

Boy, has the hottest tech company of 2023 been on a roller coaster ride this year! Its CEO, Sam Altman was fired by the company’s board of directors without notice or consulting the investors on November 17. Within hours of his getting fired, Greg Brockman, OpenAI’s president and former chairman of the board also resigned. With that came resignations of several staffers and senior researchers. As possibly the most prominent voice in AI and face of the company, Altman’s ouster put clouds of uncertainty on OpenAI, especially with competitors playing catch up with the unprecedented rise of ChatGPT.

The Altman-Brockman duo initiated talks with friends and investors about starting their own company and the staffers who had left OpenAI were very likely to join them. Microsoft is OpenAI’s largest investor and confirmed its commitment to continue partnering with the AI firm. 

According to sources, Ilya Sutskever, one of the cofounders and the chief scientist at OpenAI was instrumental in getting Altman fired. 

As destiny would have it, a rebellion by employees caused the board that fired Sam Altman to be almost entirely replaced. He recently made a comeback as a chief executive of OpenAI. A power struggle indeed!

Moving onto the second byte of AI news and it continues to feature OpenAI that is working on the next version of its flagship product — ChatGPT. Expected to be available around the end of 2023, ChatGPT 5  can boast of being the most advanced language model with 175 billion parameters. It is said to have several new features that will make it even more interactive. Users will be able to use images and have a chat based on them. They can do neat things like feed it a complex graph of work-related data and have the AI do stuff for them. They can describe and create images to invent new logos, comic strips, and photorealistic scenes right within the chat. The latest version will introduce Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), which will exhibit many human intelligence characteristics like reasoning, learning, and creativity.

Little scary, if you ask me.

Tools corner — An insane ChatGPT prompt to skyrocket your productivity

Well, it’s been all about ChatGPT and Open AI in this edition; let’s keep with the theme for another minute. 

We must all have had ChatGPT help us write blogs, generate content, brainstorm blogs, and even create our next travel itinerary. Most of us likely use a one-liner or a short description for our prompt. Next time, try this instead. Ask ChatGPT to ask you a number of questions about whatever topic you are chatting with it about. Here’s an example.

Prompt: I am writing a knowledge base article on improving the performance of my banking SaaS application. Before you write the 500-word article for me, I would like you to understand my application, business, and customers. Ask me at least 20 questions about my application, business, customers, and audience and anything else you need in order to complete the task to the best of your abilities.

Response: Here is a sample of  the questions:

  1. What specific functionalities does your banking SaaS application provide?
  2. Can you describe the typical user flow within your application?
  3. What technologies and programming languages are used to build your application
  4. How is user authentication and authorization handled in your system?
  5. What is the average transaction volume or load your application handles daily?
  6. Do you have any specific performance bottlenecks or issues that you’re currently facing?
  7. Can you share the geographical distribution of your user base?
  8. What types of banking services does your application support (e.g., online banking, mobile banking)?
  9. Are there any third-party integrations or external APIs your application relies on
  10. How do you currently monitor and measure the performance of your application?
  11. What are the primary devices and platforms your users utilize (e.g., web, mobile, desktop)?
  12. How do you handle data security and compliance with industry regulations?
  13. Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place for your application?

Prompt: Answer the questions and then have it write the article.

With this information, help me write a 500-word article that will help my customers.

Response: Certainly! Due to the character limit per response, I’ll provide you with an outline for a 500-word article on improving the performance of your banking SaaS application. You can use this as a starting point and expand on each section as needed…

This tip is courtesy OpenAI ChatGPT in Marketing group on LinkedIn. Hope it helps you open your eyes to the possibilities of using ChatGPT to become more productive.

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Sumedh Nene has 20+ years of international experience in Technical Communications. He has worked with Cisco Systems, HP, Philips, TIBCO, Nvidia Graphics, Deutsche Bank and Levis’ in Singapore, Australia, India, USA (Bay Area), and Canada (Toronto).

He has been teaching Technical Writing and mentoring writers for many years. He was the lead instructor at George Brown College in Toronto and Rotman School of Management, Toronto. He was also a visiting faculty for communication-related topics at SIMS, SSIBM, PIBM and Bits Pilani, Roorkee. Sumedh has conducted workshops at Avaya, Siemens, MCCIA, Eclipsys and many other IT MNCs.

Current Role: Technical Writer, Trainer, Editor, Documentation Specialist
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