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The fourth session of the Career Conversations series took place on November 4, 2023, and was organized by TWT Hyderabad. This session featured an engaging interview with Bhawna Pachori, an accomplished documentation leader.

Interview with Bhawna Pachori by Punit Shrivastava

“Knowledge is power.”

Bhawna emphasized how technical documentation plays a pivotal role in making an organization’s knowledge well-documented and easily accessible. The primary aim of technical documentation is to assist users in achieving their objectives when using a product.

Bhawna Pachori holds a remarkable 14 years of experience in the realms of knowledge and content management. Her expertise extends to content strategy, innovation, and customer engagement. She is also well-versed in tools, such as DITA CMS, SAP, Ixiasoft, JIRA, MadCap Flare, and Confluence.

During the interview, she shared why documentation is important for any organization. As she recounted her personal journey from being a solitary documentation writer to eventually leading a team, she beautifully explained that writers should respect their own work so that they can create a worthy document that users find valuable.

When asked about ensuring the ongoing growth of a professional team, Bhawna underscored the significance of fostering a culture of continuous learning. This can be achieved through training, workshops, seminars, and various skill development initiatives. She also highlighted the role of mentoring and coaching in individual development.

She elaborated on the importance of cross-product soft skills training and tool-related training in documentation development. She also explained, as a manager how important it is to identify the types of tools for documentation, considering the content and team requirements. She provided a pertinent example of choosing a collaborative tool for a large documentation team, where multiple team members collaborate, emphasizing the importance of documentation security.

Drawing from her own experiences, Bhawna shed light on the challenges that managers face when building a team. The interview featured interactive segments and questions from the participants, providing a wealth of valuable insights.

For individuals contemplating a career transition, listening to this comprehensive interview is highly recommended. It serves as a reminder that one’s career should be a source of self-esteem rather than a detriment to it.

Click here to listen to the complete conversation.

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