Career Conversations

Career Conversations

Career Conversations is an initiative where experienced technical writers come forward to share their journey and career growth.

TWT Mumbai team commenced the initiative in February, 2023. The first season of this series covered Career Transition and Career Progression for Technical Writers. Among the three episodes of this season, the third episode was an interview with the Project Manager, Nidhi Bhandari from Kyvos Insights, Noida.

Interview with Nidhi Bhandari — by Shrutika Kalgutkar

As someone engaged in technical writing, what are the other pathways to advance in this profession? 

When Nidhi Bhandari, a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Inderprastha Engineering College and an industry expert, was asked this question, she narrated her journey of transitioning from Technical Communication to Project Management for a customer-facing team. 

She explained what Project Management means to professional services in a software product company and what is customer success. 

Commencing with the Proof-of-Concept stage, she elaborated on how the company demonstrates its value to potential customers, proceeds with solution implementation, and facilitates client onboarding. She also emphasized the significance of thoroughly documenting every step.

Nidhi strongly advocated the principle that any commitment made to a customer must be fulfilled. Amidst the array of skills necessary to effectively execute her daily responsibilities, she highlighted Effective Communication, being a People-Person, and Problem Solving as indispensable prerequisites. 

Her opinion was sought on the necessity of formal education in business management or project management before embarking on a professional journey. As she answered that query, she also shed light on how accumulating experience and refining skills can facilitate seamless career transitions.

Nidhi Bhandari is not only a seasoned expert, but a delightful conversationalist as well. The interview encompasses interactive segments and inquiries from the participants, offering a wealth of insight. For those contemplating a career shift, delving into this comprehensive interview is highly recommended. 

The ideal moment to commence or change your career path is never fixed. If you believe in your capabilities, today marks the opportune day!

Click here to listen to the complete conversation.

“The greatest possible merit of style is, of course, to make the words absolutely disappear into the thought.”
- Nathaniel Hawthorne
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