What MSTP Says

What MSTP Says

– Ruchira Joshi

Rules defined by MSTP for technical documentation. 

(Disclaimer! Always use your company’s house style guide if available)

Words to Avoid

  1. Alias
    Correct Usage – The tool lets users create, copy, and manage instances using unique alias for easy identification within the network.
    Incorrect Usage –  To log in please enter your account name or alias along with your password.
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  2. Allow/Allows
    Correct Usage – Pay-as-you-go allows you to share apps and Power Automate flows with any user in your organization and then only pay if and when they’re used.
    Incorrect Usage – Microsoft Excel allows users to copy and paste information directly.
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  3. And so on
    Correct Usage – Vibrant colors such as Red, Yellow, and Orange suit their brand image.
    Incorrect Usage – Vibrant colors suit their brand image, for example, Red, Orange, Yellow, and so on.
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  4. and/or
    Correct Usage – You can change your password or keep it exact.
    Incorrect Usage – You can change your password and/or keep it exact.
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  5. Application file/app file
    Correct Usage – I downloaded the latest version of the app and I have to check for the program file to install it.
    Incorrect Usage – To run the software you need to locate the application file / app file on your computer
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“Try things out, be happy to make mistakes, but above all have a go.”
- Charles Dowding
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