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TWT’s Pune Offline Conference - 22nd July, 2023

The TWT Pune team organized an offline conference on July 22, 2023 at Sagitec Solutions. It was a full-day event with 110+ participants from various domains of Technical Writing, filled with insightful knowledge-sharing and fun activities.

The event started with a small introduction to TWT, highlighting its history, present endeavors, and vision by Punit Shrivastava, Founder of TWT.

Next, Arka Sarkar, a UX and technology enthusiast, conducted an interesting session named, Words that Wow—Principles of UX Writing. He shared his knowledge related to UX Writing, how to captivate users with UX Writing, the approach to content, and the impacts of poor copy and design.

To have fun along with the learning, a UX workshop was conducted. This involved grouping the participants into teams to create UX templates using UX Writing techniques.

Sumedh Nene delivered the next session, Generative AI in Technical Writing—Practical Use Cases.  With his experience and expertise in various domains of Technical Writing, he enlightened us on the most recent topic of usable AI Technical Writing and its limitations.

In the third session, Digital Adoption Platform, Rama Shadija drew attention to the importance of DAP, various applications of DAP, and the benefits of adopting digitalization in various fields.

In the next session, Discipline of DITA, Prachi Karnik presented an overview of DITA components, single sourcing, and content segregation in DITA. She also explained various advantages of structured authoring using DITA.

The final session of the day, The Chronicles of PyXML was presented by Poonam Yadav. This session focused on automation processes, the future of Technical Writing using PyXML, and the impact of the PyXML transition. Poonam provided helpful tips focusing on data conditioning and publishing.

The conference concluded with the valuable experience and thoughts shared by our leaders, namely, Aparna Saxena, Subhajit Sengupta, Indrani Singha, and Mugdha Bapat. The speakers motivated the participants to focus on the fast-paced changes in various technologies that impact documentation.

Overall, the conference served as a valuable platform for technical writers and industry professionals to gather, share knowledge, and learn from experienced speakers. The diverse range of sessions provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends and practices in Technical Writing. The success of this event further solidifies TWT’s commitment to foster professional growth and networking opportunities within the Technical Writing community.

We are grateful to Rama Shadija and the whole Sagitec Solutions team for hosting this event and making it successful.

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