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A company’s lifecycle starts from generating leads, evolves into turning leads to customers and grows with continuing customer satisfaction. The Lifecycle has unique challenges at every stage. 

With content being one of the primary requirements to be successful at every stage, Tech Writer’s Tribe introduces a 360-degree service to help companies succeed at every stage. We offer specialised services for content and technical writing to help you emerge winner at every stage.

Documentation Services for All Stages in the Lifecycle of a Company

Every stage in the lifecycle of a company holds equal importance to achieve the goal of revenue generation and customer satisfaction.

The stages could be names, though not limited to, as:

  1. Creating brand value to generate leads 
  2. Approaching potential customers or responding to leads
  3. Turning leads into customers
  4. Offering customers satisfactory service
  5. Making customers a partner through effective feedback implementation process

As the company runs through the desired life-cycle, multiple means are applied. In today’s world of social media that helps ease of access to information, content plays a key role.

How does TWT help at all stages of the Company’s Lifecycle?

Tech Writers from TWT hold expertise in creating product documentation and developer documentation for customers. Also, we offer documentation services for other stages of a Company’s lifecycle.

  1. Creating brand value to generate leads: Writing White paper, case studies, blogs and creating social media content.
  2. Turning leads into customers: Creating the Brochures, product information documents, and sales / marketing kit about the product.
  3. Helping customers with complete documentation: Creating a set of guides to help customers use products and have the answers for their potential questions ready,

Some of the services include include:

  • Developer Documentation: API documentation (Using tools like Swagger / Postman), SDK documentation.
  • Product Documentation: Guides ranging from Installation to using the product, Release Notes to Troubleshooting guide. Contact us for details.
  • UX/UI Documentation: Writing error messages, suitable text and content to suit UX design.

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