The Guide Saga Course Testimonials

The Guide Saga Course involves knowledge sharing about creating multiple technical documentation guides. View below what participants have to say about the course.

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Raghavendra V Gopalakrishna

Got to know where i was lacking and also the exact ask for the QSG

Meenakshi Kartik

Good, well-structured, packed with info so provided lot of value. Course was well-structured. Gainful take-aways.

Rakesh Pattanaik

I am really enjoying my lockdown period by learning so many uncovered skills from my bucket list of topics. In today's session I was able to get covered & cleared so many blocking points related to QSG.

Farheen Banu

My fear of not being able to understand or follow the training vanished once the session started..thanks to the trainer.

Akshay Chopade

Beneficial & knowledgeable. For me, as a beginner I am lucky that I am connected with the tribe.

Ravi Chandran V

The course was holistic. The course covered for new and experienced tech writers. The trainer talked about realistic challenges and how to tackle them, with good examples.

Namrata Dhotre

The overall content, presentation, and exercise were good. I liked the way the different types of installations were explained. I'd recommend new writers in this field to take up your courses.


Yuvaraj R

A nice walk through and a good insight for creating an installation guide.


Shrutika Kalgutkar

I had registered for this workshop to get a detached PoV, out of a specific product/organizations boundaries. Also, to understand how other writers approach the Installation process and content. I am glad that the session helped.

Ranjana Dinesh

It was knowledgeable since I had not worked till now on Installation and deployment documents.

Smera T

Understood how writing clear instructions can change the entire documentation look and feel. Basic differences between the user guides,manuals, and online help guides.

Ashish Pathak

Wonderful Course. Got to know many differences and global concepts.

Richa Arora

Good session on User guide.

Ravichandra K

Good instructions on writing an Installation Guide

Ibrahim Mohammad

Nice and complete session

Ponnamma U M

Good course. Informative sessions.

Hrudeep Goregaokar

The session was informative and helpful.

Rajan Baldev

This course is like a blessing in disguise. It gave me a real hands on experience on the guides. Thanks to the training conducted so patiently by the trainer.

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