Tech Writer’s Tribe Community: Celebrating 77th Indian Independence Day

Celebrations with Videos and Posts

The Activity

Challenge 1: Create a video on one of the topics.
Create a Video Montage of 15 seconds
Challenge 2: Write a post on one of the topics.

The TOPICS as Options

  • Option 1: What does Independence at the workplace mean to you?
  • Option 2: How does a career in tech writing give freedom to you?
    (Example: Freedom in career, earning, more opportunity, and so on)

The Videos

Option 2: What does Independence at the workplace mean to you?
Jyoti Sethi Khullar from New Delhi
Option 1: How does a career in tech writing give freedom to you?

The Posts

How does a career in tech writing give freedom to you?
Choosing writing as a career was not planned but it happened eventually. Working as a writer makes me really happy and I am glad that I have chosen this path. Through writing, I get to learn every day with new terms and products in both the hardware and software fields. Also, it creates an urge to spend more time on reading books. It also changed me as a person who can spend the day productively. Whenever I get to read any articles or any other content I can easily spot the errors by default. I started writing blogs and have my own blog page where I used to share information which I get to know through any social media pages or series, I watch. Just a bit of information creates curiosity and I start to dig deep about it. If I really felt the topic is interesting I would share a blog about it in detail. I also get peace whenever I write. Irrespective of work or article, writing it holds my whole heart. I prefer writing to escape from reality and bury myself in my own world. On the whole, writing is something I feel special and if it reaches you just grab it and go for it. Happy Independence Day! Jai Hind
Priyanka Gunasekaran
What does Independence at the workplace mean to you?
Have you ever wondered, why we always crave holidays and our mood transformation on moving from Sunday to Monday? It’s not like, we would be free for the whole day; we are sometimes even busier with important responsibilities at our place. I think the answer is freedom and independence only. Being independent is the nature of every creature. We give our best and enjoy the tasks if we have to work autonomously and can feel it as if it’s ours only. Every day can give a wonderful feeling of Independence at the workplace if we have the freedom to take decisions, express ourselves, choose flexible timings, invent new methods, and be free from prejudice. Such freedom makes employees leave no stone unturned to exhibit creativity and take ownership of their work responsibilities, leading to increased job performance, overall job satisfaction, and a wonderful work-life balance. Happy Independence Day!
Gagandeep Kaur
What does Independence at the workplace mean to you?
Many of us might not appreciate our current generation or society. You can complain about the excessive use of social media, or decreased patience level or extreme admiration for expensive gadgets. Despite all this, I personally feel that there is a change in people’s mindsets irrespective of age, gender or caste. Many are becoming less judgmental. At workplaces, there used to be a hesitation to express your views in a professional environment or contribute to a random non-work-related discussion. Things have changed now, and we are free to do our work our way. There are (almost) no managers who would say, ‘My way or no way’. We might not have thought about it as freedom in the workplace, but if you think back, you would appreciate the freedom across different aspects such as flexible work hours, growth and many more. Let us all thank one another and enjoy the freedom. Happy Independence Day!
Maheswari M D
What does Independence at the workplace mean to you?
Independence in the workplace refers to an environment in which employees have the freedom and right to use their knowledge and decisions to carry out their jobs. This refers to a degree of autonomy that allows an individual to make decisions that suit his or her role, without ongoing micro-management. This empowerment creates a sense of ownership and responsibility, which can lead to increased job satisfaction and innovation. Allowing employees to set goals, manage their time, and find creative solutions often leads to increased productivity and greater employee engagement. Overall, workplace autonomy empowers employees, enhances their skills and contributes to a healthy work culture. Happy Independence Day!
Kunal Dutta
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